The all new Speedy 400 laser engraving machine

Published on: 07/25/2019

New Speedy 400 Video

Designed for maximum productivity and flexibility
The Speedy 400 laser engraving machine is the next generation laser cutter from Trotec, featuring groundbreaking processing speeds and the highest reproducible quality. This is possible thanks to precise mechanics, a reliable laser source, the innovative and user-friendly design, and the powerful Trotec JobControl® laser software. The new Speedy 400 laser engraver is a flexible and reliable solution for a wide range of applications and materials.

Highest Productivity

The Speedy 400 is the fastest laser engraver on the market, featuring an engraving speed of 4.3 m/sec and acceleration of 5g. The revolutionary OptiMotion™ motion control allows cutting jobs to be carried out six times faster than comparable laser machines available on the market. This results in increased production efficiency and higher throughput for maximum profit with flawless quality.

Highest Flexibility

Combining a CO2 and fiber laser source in a single laser machine, the patented Flexx Technology™ offers near unlimited application options, giving you maximum flexibility in designing and expanding your offerings. Processing several types of different materials in only one job is no problem with the flexx function - and there is no need to manually change the lens or focus.

Loading and unloading materials has been made faster and easier than ever thanks to the new ergonomic front lid handling, guaranteeing maximum operator comfort. The dynamic status display gives an overview of the laser status and job progress. Avoiding unnecessary downtime reduces both costs and production time.

Our clear commitment to your profitability.

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