Customer focus: AllSigns Visual Communication

Published on: 02/16/2018

Investing in a Trotec laser has enabled Bristol based signage company AllSigns Visual Communication Ltd to diversify its portfolio and bring laser cutting in-house.

AllSigns manufactures bespoke signage and decorative artwork for workplaces and commercial environments, with a commitment to investing in new technology which will benefit its customers. The purchase of a Speedy 400 laser cutter has enabled AllSigns to respond more quickly to customer demands.

Graham Wood, managing director of AllSigns said: "While we previously outsourced our laser cutting work, the Speedy 400 has given us the control required to work to tight deadlines by bringing the work in-house.

"We are now able to create prototypes and samples for our clients and we've significantly increased our production capabilities. From cutting individual lettering for signage to producing completed displays, our laser plays an important part in our production process."

The addition of the Trotec laser cutter has also improved efficiency at the business by eliminating time consuming and costly processes.

Graham said: "The Speedy laser has improved our workflow and made us more efficient. Previously we would have to CNC route acrylic letters and flame polish the edges to achieve a clean cut finish. The laser cut achieves a flame polished edge without any additional processes, saving us both production time and costs."

During the decision-making process, Graham and his team visited Trotec's Bristol showroom where they received a full demonstration on the laser and a complete overview of the possible applications.

Graham said: "The demonstration opened our eyes to what other applications would be possible with a laser, so right from the first meeting we've felt supported by Trotec. We have been able to rely upon Trotec's after sale support whenever we have needed it and I cannot fault our Trotec experience."