Pen holder made from TroGlass Mirror

In the following tutorial, we show you how to use TroGlass Mirror to create a striking laser-cut acrylic pen holder. TroGlass Mirror is an extruded acrylic available in a range of colours, making it perfect for this application, while the material itself allows for great effects to be created in applications. 


Materials required:
  • TroGlass Mirror
Laser cutting machine used:
  • Speedy 400 laser cutter
  • 120 watts
  • 2" lens
  • Aluminium Cutting Grid Table with Acrylic Gutting Grid
Whilst we have used the Speedy 400, any Speedy series laser machine can be used to create this sample.


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Step by step

Step 1


Begin by importing our template and adapting it to your requirements, or using your own design.

With "Create job" move the design to the "Prepare" screen. 

Tip: Before laser cutting, measure the thickness of the acrylic and adapt the kerf accordingly.
With our parameters and a 2" lens, we calculated 0.2 mm kerf correction.

Step 2

Laser processing

Place the job in the desired position and adapt the settings to your requirements.
With the help of the lid camera (400 and 360 only) place the job to the desired position and adapt the settings.

Please note: The laser parameters will vary depending on your laser machine and the available laser power.
Send the job to the "Queue" for Laser processing.

Tip: engrave eighter the front of the acrylic or remove the mirror foil on the back with the CO2 laser. Alternatively, you can use the fibre laser to remove the mirror foil.

Inner geometries first: On
Skip overlapping cut lines: On

Effect Engrave Quality
Process Engrave
Layers black
Power (%) 25
Speed (%) 50
DPI 500
Source CO2
Air Assist On
Z-offset 0.5 mm
Passes 1
Power Correction 20
Direction Bottom up
Engrave Mode Standard
High quality High quality
Dithering None
Effect Cut Quality
Process Cut
Layers red
Power (%) 65
Speed (%) 0.4
Hz 10.000
Source CO2
Air Assist On
Z-offset -
Passes  1
Power Correction 7
Path Planning Standard
Step 3


Remove protective foil and assemble. Your laser-cut TroGlass Mirror pen holder is now ready to use!

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