Model making - rocking chair

Our TroCraft Eco material is ideal for model making. You can try it yourself by using the following instructions to build this little rocking chair model.



Materials required
Laser machine used

The laser cutting parameters used in this tutorial can only be used on the new Speedy 400 laser engraver.

Rocking Chair


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Rocking Chair


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Step by step

Step 1

Step 1: Create or import graphic files

Import our graphics and adapt them to your requirements. Once adapted send the graphics to your Trotec laser using the following settings:

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard Job 500 dpi none
Halftone Others
Colour Optimised geometries, inner geometries first
Laser cutting of TroCraft Eco for model making
Step 2

Step 2: Laser process TroCraft Eco

Load the TroCraft Eco sheet into the new Trotec Speedy 400 and cover the remaining engraving area with paper. Thanks to the new OptiMotion™ path planning function, the laser cutting speed will automatically adapt to the geometry being cut. If you are using a diffrent laser machine the parameters will vary depending on your machine and the available laser power:

Laser parameters:

Laser process Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Laser engraving Black Engrave CO2 15 100 500
Scratching Red CO2 Cutting 80 10 3000
Laser cutting Blue CO2 Cutting 100 4 2000
Passes Air ASsist Z-offset Direction Path planning Advanced
1 ON 0mm Top Down - High Quality
1 ON 4mm - Throughput LC 0
1 ON 0mm - Throughput LC 20


Thanks to the new OptiMotion™ function, determining laser cutting parameters with the new Speedy 400 is easy. Define the right speed at 100% power simply by means of a long straight line. If the parameter cuts through at the selected speed, you can adopt this setting for any cutting application on this material - whether large, angular shapes or detailed, small circular geometries. Just make sure that you adjust the frequency accordingly at high speeds (e.g. to 2000Hz or 3000Hz) to obtain a uniform laser cutting line.

Step 3

Step 3: Assemble the rocking chair

Once all the components are cut you simply need to assemble the pieces.

Nature meets modernity with TroCraft Eco

TroCraft Eco is made from pure cellulose fiber and produced without using additives. This fully biodegradable material is emission-free when processed, offering a flexible material with durable formability. This environmentally-friendly wood sheet is perfect for interior design, sustainable toys, model making or product and industrial design.

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Trocraft Eco can also be used for other applications including designing a complete interior e.g. for a doll house. You can also combine thicker TroCraft sheets for statically stressed furniture.

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