Wooden garden decoration

Design a nice wooden garden decoration on your laser using the instructions and template below.

laser engraving wooden stand
laser engraving wooden stand


Required material
  • Large wood beam (we used a 750 x 150 x 150 mm beech beam)
  • Lantern
  • Candle
Laser machine used
  • We recommend a 2.5" lens if you are working with a CO2 laser instead of a Speedy flexx.
  • Use an aluminium cutting grid table, a vacuum table or the standard laser engraving table
Wooden lantern


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Step by step

Laser etched wooden block
Step 1

Step 1: Import/create the design template

Import our design template into your graphics program and adapt it to the size of your wooden block.


We made the engraving border of the graphic a little bit bigger than the actual size of the wood beam to allow for any size differences in the wood.

Laser engraving a wooden block
Step 2

Step 2: Laser processing

Send the laser job to the machine.


power 50%, speed 100%, 500 dpi, Air Assist on, z-offset 6 mm, HQ mode (advanced settings)


Select these two options in JobControl® to get the best cutting results.

  • 500 dpi
  • Black and white

Important information: Laser parameters can vary depending on the laser machine and power you use.


To get the exact starting position, measure the middle of the block and move laser there. Then snap the middle of the job to the laser

Laser engraved design on wooden block
Step 3

Step 3: Post-processing

The material requires no cleaning after laser engraving. Once you have finished engraving on all four sides, fix the candle holder on top of the wooden block and insert the candle. You can also put other items such as a bowl on top of the wooden block to create a bird feeder. The only limit is your creativity.

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