Laser cut chickens - Easter decorations

Create a catching Easter decoration by laser cutting wood and our LaserLeather.


Materials Required
  • Solid wood (cherry), 600 x 300 x 5 mm
  • LaserLeather, silver/red, approx. 500 x 80 mm
  • Double-sided adhesive foil, approx. 500 x 80 mm (needed for glueing on the LaserLeather)
Laser Cutting Machine Used
  • Speedy 360
  • 80 Watt
  • 2" Lens
  • Nozzle with small hole diameter
  • Aluminium grid table or the honeycomb cutting support

You can create this decoration using any Speedy laser engraving machine, simply adjust the parameter settings according to your machine.


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Step by Step

Step 1

Step 1: Import the design

Begin by either creating your design or using our pre-made template, then send the job to the laser using the below settings. 

Upload both the pdf template for the wood "chicken_wood" and for the LaserLeather "chicken_laserleather" using the "import file" command in Ruby laser software.

Step 2

Step 2: Laser cutting and engraving solid wood

Place the wooden panel in the laser machine. Cover the remaining processing area with a suitable material (such as paper) to obtain an optimal vacuum and a uniform laser result.

Select the design template "chicken_wood", mark the entire graphic and then click on "Create job". Now you can select the "solid wood cherry - engraving dark" parameter from the material database. If necessary, you also have the option of adjusting the parameter settings individually. For the "Processing rules", please make sure that the "inner geometries first" function is selected. This means that the inner cuts are executed first. Place the graphic on the workspace and send the print job to the "queue".

Please note: Our suggested parameters may differ depending on your laser machine and the available laser power.

Close the machine, make all necessary settings and start the laser cutting process.

Laser parameters:

  Engrave Cut
Colour Black Red
Process Engrave CO2 Cut CO2
Power (%) 60 95
Speed (%) 50 1
ppi/Hz Auto PPI 1000
Passes 1 1
Air Assist ON ON
Z-Offset 6 mm -
Direction Top to bottom -
Advanced Optimised quality -
Engraving mode Standard -
Raster Ordered -
Step 3

Step 3: Laser cutting and engraving LaserLeather

Apply the double-sided adhesive foil to the back (= red side) of the LaserLeather. This allows the individual elements to be easily and accurately glued to the wooden figures.

Now place the LaserLeather in the laser machine with the silver side facing up. Cover the rest of the processing area as with the wood in order to achieve optimal suction performance and an even laser result.

Now select the "chicken_laserleather" design template and the corresponding parameters for the "LaserLeather" from the material database. You can also create the parameter settings individually.

Again, our suggested parameters may differ depending on the laser machine used and the available laser power.

Close the laser machine, make all necessary settings and start the laser process.

Laser parameters:

  Engrave Cut
Colour Black Red
Process Engrave CO2 Cut CO2
Power (%) 52  25
Speed (%) 100 1,7 
ppi/Hz Auto PPI 1.000 
Passes 1
Air Assist ON ON 
Z-Offset 1 mm
Direction Bottom to top
Advanced optimised quality
Engraving mode Standard
Raster ordered
Step 4

Step 4: Assembly

If necessary, carefully clean the cut parts with a soft, slightly moistened cloth.

Peel off the protective film from the back of the LaserLeather elements and glue the individual parts onto the wooden chickens one after the other. The figures are glued on the front and back side respectively.

Now insert the chickens and the grass into the slots created. The arrangement is completely customisable. When creating the set with the smaller chickens, you can also exchange one of the chickens for the "Happy Easter" sign.


Both solid wood and LaserLeather are available in different finishes. Test different colours and choose a combination to your taste!

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