Birthday calendar

Never forget a loved ones birthday again with our lasercut and engraved birthday calendar. Follow our simple tutorial to create your very own personalised calendar.

Lasercut paper calendar


Required material
  • colorful A3 paper
  • sticky tape
  • glue
  • binding rings
Trotec laser used

use a vacuum table with the honeycomb cutting tabletop

Birthday Calendar


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Laserengraved paper calendar


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Step by step

Step 1

Step 1: Design and Laser Parameters

Import the PDF file into Corel Draw and select the desired graphic (see the tabs below the working area in Corel Draw).
You will find the cover page and each month of the calendar ready to go in the file. There is also a template for you to insert individual graphics or images and create your personalised birthday calendar.

Engraving: Power: 10%, Speed: 50%, Frequency: 500 ppi, Air-Assist: ON - Advanced: Optimized Quality
Cutting: Power: 5%, Speed: 0,80%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Air-Assist: ON
Cutting-in: Power: 2%, Speed: 0,80%, Frequency: 1000 Hz, Z-Offset: 2mm, Air-Assist: ON

Step 2

Step 2: Laser Cut and Engrave Each Month

Before you begin the cutting and engraving process be sure to cover the table around your piece of paper with sticky tape and a piece of cardboard. This will ensure that the paper is properly fixed for lasercutting and engraving.
Insert the first piece of paper, in the colour of your choice for January, in the laser. Send the file for January to the laser and repeat this process with all consecutive months. Use different colors for every month to create a colorful calendar.

Step 3

Step 3: Create the Cover

Choose the front of the cover page in CorelDraw and lasercut and engrave it in the color of your choice.
Lasercut the back of the cover page in a color that contrasts well with the front. When you have the cover page and its back in front of you, you only need to glue them. Use only a small amount of glue on the sides to avoid stains on the paper.


 When you lasercut the cover page, deactivate Air-Assist to ensure that the little pieces (the symbols of the sign of the zodiac in the sample) do not float into the cutting path of the next symbol or letter.

Step 4

Step 4: Binding

Once all pages are complete, all that remains is the binding. Just head to a print shop near you and get it done professionally.
If you'd rather go completely diy, you can punch holes in the paper with a binding machine and pull binding rings through them.

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