Acrylic money box

Our acrylic money box is a great way to showcase laser engraved images. We have used a car design in our sample however you can choose any design you like to create a unique display piece.
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Required material
  • 3 mm TroGlass Colour Gloss black: 1/4 sheet (available at Trotec
  • Material to cover the engraving table (paper is good for this)
Laser cutting machine used
  • Speedy 400 flexx
  • 120 Watt CO2/50 Watt fiber laser with 2.85" flexx lens

Any Speedy flexx Series laser machine can be used to create this sample.

Important information
  • Use the acrylic laser cutting grid table to create this sample
  • Leave the protective foil on the material during cutting. It protects the acrylic from scratches. You must remove the foil right before laser marking.


  • You can produce plain cash boxes for stock and personalise them for your customers upon request.


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Step by step

Step 1

Step 1: Import /create design template

Begin by importing our design template into your chosen graphic program. We have optimised the design meaning you can produce two cash boxes out of one quarter sheet of TroGlass, without material waste. You can also create your own design template by visiting www.makeabox.io, entering the required dimensions, material thickness, kerf, etc. and downloading the finished file. Correctly defined kerf allows you to assemble the parts without using glue. (we used a kerf of 0.2 mm)

Print settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500 dpi none
Halftone Others
Black & White enhanced geometries
inner geometries first
Step 2

Step 2: Laser process

For the best results we recommend using the acrylic laser cutting grid table as it avoids back reflections on the material. Position your acrylic sheet onto your laser bed and cover the rest of the table to maximise the exhaust power. Cut the design out of TroGlass.

Laser Parameters:

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
red Cut CO2 30 0.2 5000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 on - -


  • For our boxes we used the standard laser parameters from JobControl which are optimised for quality as we want to mark on the cutting edges as well.
  • You can download material parameters for JobControl from www.troteclaser.co.uk
  • You can produce plain money boxes and personalise them per customer requests
Step 3

Step 3: Preparation all-round photo marking

Open the template you will use for laser marking. It shows the four sides of the money box. Import the desired image and position it into the centre of the page. Please make sure that your chosen image is big enough to cover all four sides of the box. Make 3 duplicates of the image and position them all into the centre of the page. Once you are happy with the images position each of the images into one of the four power clip containers (with transparent outline - see video). A single image appears but it has been split into four seperate images. Now send all four designs to the laser. Make sure that you use the exact dimensions and the graphic is positioned in the middle of the box.

Print settings:

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Photo 500dpi none
Halftone Others
Stucki Invert


All black parts of the image are laser marked and appear white afterwards. This is why the image needs to be inverted before marking.

Step 4

Step 4: Laser marking with a fiber laser

Position the assembled money box onto your laser table. Start marking with the right (narrow) side (no. 1), followed by the left (narrow) side (no. 3). Next mark the front (no. 2) and finally the back (no. 4). Please don't forget to focus before marking the front (no. 2). You can mark the pieces in order 1-4, however you will have to focus the laser again after marking each part.

Laser Parameters:

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
black engrave FLP 40 55 75000
Passes Air Assist  Z-Offset Advanced
1 on - High Quality
Step 5

Step 5: Post-processing

Clean the glass holder with some water and dish-soap after processing.


  • Dark acrylic engraved with a fiber laser allows you to achieve particularly good results.
  • If you want to mark four individual images instead of the all-round graphic, you can mark the image directly on the material before cutting.
  • Another option is to UV-print the material. Our JobControl Vision software will help you cut out the printed sheets with the highest precision. Please take into consideration that the cutting edges will appear black (resp. in the colour of the acrylic used)

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