What training do Trotec offer for laser machines?

Training for laser beginners

When your laser machine is installed you will be given training to help you begin using your laser. However, there are also a range of other training sessions available. You can book an appointment at your local showroom, or you can try our Trotec academy courses. Depending on the focus of the course you select, the seminars cover theoretical basic laser machine principles, laser software training and practical work on various laser machines and with different materials. Our courses on JobControl basics, CorelDraw and finding the right laser parameters are popular among beginners. These courses are ideal for gaining a more in depth experience when you begin your laser journey. They learn how to simplify work steps and prepare graphics, for example, and to improve processing times.

Training for advanced laser users

After the first experiences with lasers, topics such as photo engraving, acrylic laser cutting and wood processing with lasers are our most popular courses. Starting with basic knowledge, you will learn how laser engraving and laser cutting can be more precise and which parameter settings on the laser will give you even more impressive effects on the material. You will learn which images are particularly suitable for these processes, why different resolutions are used, how you can achieve different degrees of discolouration on wood, and much more. More about Trotec Academy

Website tips and tricks

Time is money, and the ability to meet customer orders is crucial. That's why our website contains a range of tips, tricks, answers to FAQ's and tutorials. Our website is constantly being updated with new content, meaning if you need help with a laser cutting application or you want to try one of our laser engraving tutorials, you can find what you are looking for at the click of a mouse, 24/7.  DIY samples Tips & Tricks

YouTube - Tutorials and more

Our YouTube channel contains a variety of videos showcasing different applications, training videos and tips. From step-by-step tutorials to the basics of laser processing, our videos will help you to experiment with your laser and answer help you to get the most from your materials. 

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Trotec offer an extensive range of training for laser machine users, helping you to make the most of your machine and materials. From tips and tricks to information on different applications, Trotec will help you to optimise your workflow. 

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