candle holder made from wood

Laser Cut Wooden
Tea Light Holder

This playful wooden tea light holder is your ideal gift for Valentine's Day.

This wooden tea light holder is perfect for your loved one, and you can even engrave a personal message or date on it to personalise it! We've used alder wood in this design, but if you do decide to use a different wood that's fine. You might need to modify the laser cutting machine parameters if you do this.


Required material:

  • 3 mm alder wood
  • 1 tea light

Used Trotec Laser:

  • Speedy 300
  • 60 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens


  • Use the 1.5 inch lens
  • Use a light and hard wood type to achieve a contrast on the cutting edges

Step by Step

Step 1: Cutting and engraving

Open the cutting template (which you can download here) then send it to the laser. We suggest using these parameters for cutting and engraving, but you can modify them to suit your laser machine and its laser power:

Laser Settings

Engraving (black) - power: 90 %, speed: 50 %, resolution: 500 dpi, exhaust system: ON
Cutting (red) - power: 95 %, speed: 1 %, frequency: 1000 Hz, exhaust system: ON, correction: 10 

Step 2: Assembly

Once the cutting and engraving is done, all you have to do is assemble the parts!

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