Laser engraved paper packaging

Paper packaging

Step-by-step instructions

Produce creative and classy packaging with your laser machine and coloured paper.


Materials required:

  • Uncoated, coloured paper 130 g
  • Paper glue or double-sided adhesive discs

Laser machine used:

  • Speedy 360 80 Watt with 2" lens
  • Aluminum grit cutting table

Any Speedy laser engraver can be used to create the packaging.


  • Use the grayscale matrix to find the correct processing parameters for your paper

Step by Step

Step 1: Importing or creating the design template

Import our graphic into your preferred graphic program. You can also create your own packaging design. Adapt the pre-made template to your customers' needs and send it to the laser with the following parameters.

Print settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 333 dpi non
Halftone Others
Black & White -



Step 2: Laser cutting and engraving

As the paper is bleached, minimal laser power is required for laser engraving. Load the paprt onto your laser engraver's bed and start laser processing using the parameters below.

Laser Parameter

Colour Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz:
black Engrave CO2 10 10 500
red Cut CO2 2 2 1000
blue Cut CO2 7 4 1000
cyan Cut CO2 9 9 1000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 on - -
1 on + 3 mm -
1 on + 3 mm -
1 on - -



Step 3: Post-processing

Once you have finished remove the paper from the laser machine. First fold along all folding lines and glue packaging together using paper glue or double-sided adhesive disks.


Using different kinds of paper can create impressive effects. Click here to discover other paper packaging designs.

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