DIY laser cut silhouette

Laser cut silhouette

Follow our new tutorial to create your own multi-coloured paper silhouette artwork. This technique is especially useful when creating presents or gift cards.


Materials required:

  • 1 Sheet Laser Paper Orange-Red
  • 1 Sheet Laser Paper Slate Grey + self adhesive
  • 1 Sheet Laser Paper Blue + self adhesive
  • 1 Sheet Laser Paper Dark Blue + self adhesive
  • 1 Sheet Laser Paper Black + self adhesive
  • Material to cover the laser bed, such as plain paper

The LaserPaper range is available for purchase on our engraving supplies webshop. 

Laser machine used:

Any Speedy laser engraving machine can be used to create this sample. .


We used the 1.5" lens as we wanted to make very delicate and detailed cuts.

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Import our pre-created graphics and adapt it to your requirements. Send the 5 various graphics to your Trotec Laser with the following settings:

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500dpi none
Halftone Others
colour Enhanced geometries, Inner Geometries first

Step 2: Laser cutting and engraving the paper

Lay the respective coloured paper sheets in your Trotec Laser, covering the rest of the working surface with plain paper to get a strong vacuum. The parameters are likely to vary betweenlaser machines and the power available.

Laser Engraving Parameters

Black Engrave CO2 40 70 500
Colour Process Power % Speed % ppi/Hz
1 ON 0mm High Quality
Passes Air Assist Z-offset Advanced

Laser Cutting Parameters

Colour Process Power % Speed % ppi/Hz
Red Cut CO2 15 1 1,000
Passes Air Assist Z-offset Advanced
1 ON 0mm -

Step 3: Assembly

Take the orange rectangle as a backing plate, and then stick the remaining colours in the following order:

  • Slate grey
  • Blue
  • Dark blue
  • Black as finishing

Why Trotec Materials?

Our Laser Paper range is ideal for a range of applications, having been specifically developed for laser cutting and engraving. This means you can achieve the highest contrast wtih your laser machine, with a clean cut mark from laser cutting. This quality paper, which is available in a variety of different colours, can be used in many applications including invitations, brochures, business cards, greeting cards and much more.


  • Cut spacers from thin TroLase ADA which you can stick between the paper sheets. This adds additional depth and spaciousness to the final piece.
  • Depending on the design, the laser cut silhouette could be used as a gift card.

Download Graphic Files

Download Graphic Files

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