christmas boot laser cut from felt

Felt and Leather
Christmas Boot

Step by step guide

There are lots of creative laser ideas for the Christmas season. Surprise your loved ones with a Christmas stocking and fill it with festive treats!


Required material:

  • red polyesterfelt, approx. 4mm
  • white Alcantara leather
  • green wool, approx. 2 mm thick

Used Trotec Laser:


  • We recommend the using 100% polyester felt since it's especially suited for processing with the laser.

Step by Step

Step 1: Engraving and cut the red felt

Open the 'Christmas boot' file and send it to the laser. The boot is made from two different materials, and we're starting with the red felt.

Cut and engrave the red felt using these settings:

  • Engraving (black) - Power: 20 %, speed: 50 %, resolution: 500 ppi
  • Cutting (red) - Power: 65 %,  speed: 3 %, resolution: 1000 Hz

These parameters will vary depending on the machine.

Step 2: Laser cut the brim

Now it's time to laser cut the brim of the boot. Here's the settings we used:

Laser Settings

  • Cutting (red) - Power: 65 %,  speed: 3 %, resolution: 1000 Hz.

Step 3: Stitching

All that's left to do is use a thick wool thread to stitch together the different parts of your stocking.

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