business card case laser engraved

Laser engraving a
business card box

Step by step guide

First impressions count! So use this stylish and professional laser engraved box for storing and displaying your business cards. You can engrave the box with your name, company logo or any other personalisation imaginable.


Required material:

  • Anodised aluminium for box Acrylic for jig

Used Trotec Laser:

  • Speedy 300
  • 60 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens


  • 1000 ppi supports very detailed engravings
  • Use a jig for easy positioning 

Step by Step

Step 1: Laser cut the acrylic jig

First, open the template (which you can download here for the Speedy machines, and here for the ProMarker) then send it to the laser.

Page 1 of the template file is the engraving for the outer surface of the box, page 2 shows the calendar and page 3 contains the jig. The laser parameters you use for cutting your jig will depend on the laser machine you have and the laser power available to you.

These are the settings we used:

Red: power 80 %, speed 0.60 %, frequency 5000 Hz, Air Assist on

Step 2: Laser engrave the business card box

Use your newly created jig for better positioning of the material, and start the engraving your box.

We recommend these parameters:

Black: power 30 %, speed 30%, frequency 1000 ppi, Air Assist on

All done!

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