acrylic jewelry lasercut

acrylic jewellery

Design your own jewellery and cut and engrave it with the laser

Let your imagination run wild and create your own acrylic jewellery. Practically every design that can be imagined, can be processed with the laser.


Required material

  • 3mm acrylic
  • eyelets and hooks

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 300
  • 60 watts
  • 2.0 inch lens


  • Dark coloured or radiant acrylics look very elegant
  • Use a 2.0 inch lens for a perfect cut

Step by Step

Step 1: Cut

Create your own design or use our template. Send it to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. The parameters might vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power.

Used cutting parameters:

power 100%, speed 1.0%, frequency 5000 Hz, Air Assist on

Step 2: Cut and engrave the jewellery stand

You can also either create your own or use our template for the design of the jewellery stand. Be careful, the stand has to be high enough to carry a necklace and has to have a stable pillar.

Used parameters:

Used engraving parameters:
power 20%, speed 50%, 500 ppi, Air Assist on

Used cutting parameters:
power 100%, speed 0,5%, frequency 1000 Hz, Air Assist on

Step 3: Assembly of the jewellery

Use eylets and hooks to attach the pieces on a necklace. There are special hooks for the earrings. You find suitable material in handicraft shops, on online platforms like Amazon or in special beading shops.

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