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What is the price of a Trotec laser machine?

The different factors that influence the price of a Trotec laser

Configuration and equipment determine the price

We are often asked 'What is the price of a Trotec laser machine? The reason that we do not have standard pricing on our website is that each machine is individually configured to the customer requirements. Without knowing the customer requirement, we are unable to make a general statement about price – much like when purchasing motor vehicle.

In this FAQ we take a closer look at the most important factors which influence pricing, including laser power, the size of the work surface and the accessories (e.g. exhaust system).

Laser type: What materials will you be processing?

An important factor to consider is what materials you will be laser processing, as this defines what laser source you will require. For example, organic materials such as woods and paper require a CO2 laser source. If you are looking to mark metals, we would recommend a fiber laser as it allows the direct marking of the material without the requirement for additional pastes or sprays. If you want to process both types of materials, we would recommend Trotec's patented flexx technology, which combines both laser sources into a single machine, offering near unlimited application possibilities. 

The type of laser is an important consideration for pricing. For more information about the different materials that each source can process, read our FAQ: Which materials can a laser engrave, cut and mark?

Laser power: What is my production quantity?

Higher laser powers allow you to cut and engrave your materials faster, allowing you to reduce production times per workpiece and increase your productivity. A higher laser power will also enable you to process thicker materials than possible with lower powers. Based on your application it is important for us to determine the optimal laser power for your requirements. For more information read our FAQ: What laser power do I need for my application?

Working area: How big are your workpieces?

The working area is also an important factor in pricing, as the more space in the laser bed, the more applications can be processed in a single job. A larger work area also enables the processing of larger materials. For the optimal working area to be selected for your application, the finished material or product plays a decisive factor. 

Accessories & equipment: Customised to your requirements

Laser machines are rarely supplied without customised accessories. As with the other factors discussed, the variety of your applications determines the variety of accessories and additional equipment required. The following list includes the most popular extra features chosen by our customers: 

Exhaust system:

Laser processing produces smoke and gases that must be removed from the processing room. In some cases, odours have to be neutralised using filters. We offer a range of exhaust systems for these tasks.

Processing tables:

Trotec laser machines are available with a wide range of tables which allow you to effectively process different materials. For example, if you process thin materials such as paper, films or textiles, we recommend the vacuum table as it holds the material in place, ensuring a uniform, even surface. When laser cutting acrylic, the acrylic cutting grid helps to achieve the best results. 


Depending on the material thickness or desired engraving accuracy, different lenses are needed. We have compiled all the information for Choosing the right lens in these Tips & Tricks.

Rotary engraving attachment:

The rotary engraving attachment is ideal for laser engraving round, cylindrical or conical objects such as glasses. When the rotary engraving attachment is inserted, the axis movement in the Y direction is replaced by a rotary movement.

Operating costs: What happens after the purchase?

If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly. This is because the initial outlay for the laser system needs to be considered, but also the cost for installation, maintenance and service. If your laser is virtually maintenance-free, minimal costs will be incurred for the first ten years' of its life. However, if expensive components require replacing within the first two years, the initial cheap cost of investment begins to rapidly rise. Trotec laser machines are extremely durable for 10 years - See for yourself in our FAQ What is the working life of a Trotec Laser?

In addition, we offer you worldwide customer service with a  local support points. Our short response times mean we can minimise laser machine downtime. You can find out about our special service packages in our FAQs Are there service contracts for Trotec laser machines? 

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