What financing options are available

To encourage growth, it's important for businesses to regularly assess capabilities and capacity. With that often comes the desire to invest in new capital equipment and technology.

Trotec works with Bluestar Leasing who provide finance options for Trotec laser systems, support and accessories. These options are perfect for spreading the cost of your laser system over a number of years, while allowing your business to reap the benefits of a Trotec with immediate effect. Trotec's partnership with Bluestar Leasing ensures businesses can quickly access a Trotec solution on competitive terms tailored to their budget and cash flow needs.

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Key features of finance leasing with Bluestar

  • Leasing is available from just £211.50 + VAT per month
  • Terms from 2 - 5 years
  • Tax advantages
  • Fast credit decisions / high acceptances
  • Existing credit facilities remain unaffected
  • Bluestar Leasing pays Trotec upon delivery/installation
  • Flexibility - Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point during the term
  • Total solution finance - Finance Trotec equipment and services

The big advantage of leasing, however, is that you do not need, or need very little, equity to buy the laser. You can start using your laser right away and earn money. The laser system basically starts paying for itself.

To find out more about Trotec laser systems, contact us directly today on 0191 580 1182 or send an enquiry. Once we understand your business needs, we can recommend a laser system to meet your requirements along with a price estimate.

Once you have your price estimate, you can use Bluestar's online lease calculator to get an indicative finance illustration. You can also download Bluestar’s informative PDF Factsheet + FAQs

Go to Bluestar's lease calculator

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