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Personalising sustainable promotional items

Petra Berger
14. Jänner 2021 •

The demand for promotional items made from sustainable materials has increased in recent years. With awareness and concern for the environment growing, these items are not only trendy and popular, they are a great way for businesses to support sustainability. Laser engraving is a great way to meet the demand for sustainable promotional items. Laser engraving promotional items with a company logo, name or lettering turns giveaways into something special. Laser engraving itself is an ecologically responsible choice, being emission-free, environmentally friendly and can reduce logistics costs.

What makes promotional products sustainable

Promotional products remain popular with customers in all industries, with promotional gifts strengthening the connection with a brand or company. Sustainable promotional products differ from conventional items. There is no standardised list of criteria but recycled or recyclable materials are commonly used, while fair trade can also be a selection criterion. Sustainable promotional products are long-lasting. Another possible aspect that makes sustainable promotional products stand out is logistics: Regionally manufactured products are favoured due to their lower CO2 emissions. The following criteria can be used as a guide.

Five criteria for sustainable promotional products

  • Made from organic or biodegradable material
  • Made from recycled material
  • Manufactured under fair production conditions
  • Alternative energy is used in production
  • A short transport route thus reduced CO2 emissions

Four examples of laser-engraved sustainable promotional products

“Give green” – what options are there for the laser engraving of sustainable promotional products?
Here are four examples: 

  • Lunch boxes made from bamboo fiber
    “Meal prep” is becoming increasingly popular. With this promotional item, sustainability is always a priority. Lunch boxes are distinctive with the laser engraving of a design, name or a catchy slogan.
  • Glass drinking straws
    Glass drinking straws are reusable. This simple object can be enhanced by laser finishing.
  • High-quality bamboo snack boards
    Bamboo is grass, not wood. This environmentally-friendly, natural raw material also grows particularly quickly. Products made from FSC-certified bamboo are also available.
  • Postcards made from TroCraft Eco for creative sustainability
    Trotec's environmentally-friendly material TroCraft Eco consists of pure cellulose fibers, biodegradable and is produced without emissions. A wide variety of promotional items including postcards or keyrings can be made from this versatile wooden board using laser engraving and laser cutting. Discover TroCraft Eco.

Laser samples and tips & tricks

In the Trotec Know-how section you’ll find a lot of Laser samples and tips and tricks for creating and personalising sustainable promotional items with laser engraving technology.


More about the author: Petra Berger

Petra Berger is Product Marketing Manager of Engraving at Trotec. With a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, she is responsible for marketing the “Speedys” – the fastest laser engravers on the market.
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