Laser engraving - the future-proof addition to mechanical engraving

Petra Berger
31. März 2021 • 2 min

When processing with a mechanical engraving machine, the surface of the material is removed with a milling cutter. A popular application is the haptic effects of the deep engraving, which can be achieved using mechanical processing, resulting in high quality results, particularly on metal surfaces. However, this technology also has limitations: Engraving acrylic surfaces and fine engraving of paper or leather is not possible. A laser engraving machine is the ideal addition to future-proof your engraving company. Why? We’ll give you 5 reasons why you should buy a laser engraving machine:

1.  A laser engraving machine is easy to operate

Operating a mechanical engraving machine requires special knowledge and experience. A laser engraving machine, on the other hand, is very easy to operate. We develop our lasers and laser software in such a way that every laser machine user can achieve perfect results quickly and easily.

2.  A laser machine has an infinite number of possible applications

Mechanical engravers create impressive results on specific materials, such as deep engraving on metals. Laser engraving machines can process a near infinite number of materials including wood, glass, paper, textiles, metals, stone, acrylic, leather and much more. A laser machine also enables you to cut as well as engrave. See what materials you can process in our material list.

3.  Buy a laser engraving machine and increase your productivity

With a laser engraving machine you can engrave and cut multiple workpieces at the same time. Different engraving patterns can be created in a single job. Save your graphic files and use them over and over again, saving valuable preparation time and giving you creative freedom.

4.  High precision of the laser

Laser technology boasts maximum precision: Engrave the finest details and the smallest fonts. Cut intricate and complex geometries with non-contact laser technology.

5.  New products: Personalising with photo laser engraving 

Using a laser engraving machine allows you to expand your product portfolio. For example, you can engrave photos on acrylic, leather or wood. You will find a variety of ideas in our collection of laser samples.


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Petra Berger is Product Marketing Manager of Engraving at Trotec. With a lot of enthusiasm and creativity, she is responsible for marketing the “Speedys” – the fastest laser engravers on the market.
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