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Trotec was formed in 1997 from a research branch of Trodat and has since become a world leader in laser technology. Trotec develops, manufactures and markets laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving. We serve customers in more than 90 countries and more than 500 employees worldwide. The UK subsidiary was formed in 2007 serving customers throughout the British Isles and Ireland. With 6 showrooms and a dedicated team of field-based service staff, Trotec UK is committed to supporting our customers locally.

Each of our dedicated laser showrooms is home to a range of Trotec laser systems, including flatbed, galvo and large format models. The best way to see the benefits of a Trotec laser machine is by booking an appointment at your local showroom. We also offer online laser demonstrations if you are unable to make it to our showrooms.  

Unrivalled UK-based customer support

Our dedicated technical support team are here to help you in the event of any issue arising with your laser machine. As support is a key deciding factor for many businesses, we want to ensure that your business has a reliable partner for the lifetime of your laser machine. That's why we offer all customers free telephone and email support, alongside remote support via Teamviewer software. Our dedicated team of field engineers and fully stocked van fleet will ensure that your laser machine is operating in top condition with minimal downtime for your business.

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UK stock of materials and engraving supplies

Our fully stocked UK warehouse guarantees quick delivery of a wide range of engraving materials and supplies. Choose from laserable plastics, acrylics, woods and more. With a range of services including next day delivery, cut to size and adhesive backing available, you can ensure that your materials arrive to your specification and ready for laser processing.

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Midlands showroom

Scotland showroom

Meet your area manager online

Our online demos are a great opportunity to experience a Trotec laser from the comfort of your own home. Hosted by your area manager, the demonstration will take you through a comprehensive overview of the laser machine and how your business could benefit from a laser.

The demos can be tailored to suit your application as well as incorporate your own design files into the demonstration, giving you a fully personalised experience as you would receive in the showrooms. 

Contact us today to book your online demo and meet your area manager online.

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About Trotec HQ

Management Trotec International

trotec management penz
Andreas Penz
CEO Trotec
trotec managment peter kratky
Peter Kratky
CSO Trotec
corporate history trotec laser

Company History

1996 Construction of the first Trotec laser

Under the direction of Dr. Andreas Penz, today CEO of Trotec, the first Trotec laser is developed and built in Wels.

1997 Establishment of Trotec Productions and Vertriebs GmbH

From the corporate division of Trodat GmbH, an independent company is formed.

1999 Speedy

Today, Speedy is synonymous with the most productive laser engraving systems on the market. In 1999, the first member of the product family was developed. Even then, the Trotec developers already focused on the profitability of the laser users.

2000 Speedy Compact

Today the idea of ​​the Speedy Compact, i.e. a compact laser device for beginners, lives on in the Rayjet.

2001 Professional TP1313

Today, as SP1500 the TP1313 is part of the SP Series – the family of products for large-format laser applications Establishment of Trotec Sales and Service Center Germany

2002 Establishment of Trotec Laser Inc. (USA)

2004 Establishment of Trotec Laser BV (Netherlands)

2005 SpeedMarker CL, FineMarker Hybrid

Introduction of the SpeedMarker lays the foundation for today’s family: The modular system and customizable SpeedMark software enable high-volume laser marking. The FineMarker Hybrid continues to enthuse our customers: The devices of the Speedy flexx family have one CO2 and one fiber laser source and allow laser engraving and cutting of a variety of materials Establishment of Trotec Trading Xiamen, China

2006 Establishment of Trotec Laser Canada

establishment of Trotec Laser Japan Co Ltd., Tokyo; establishment of Trotec Laser GmbH, Munich

2007 Establishment of Trotec Laser Russia

establishment of Trotec UK Establishment of Trotec Laser Automation GmbH

2008 Establishment of Trotec Laser AG, Switzerland

establishment of Trotec Laser Australia

2010 Trotec France is established

2013 Relocation into new, CO₂-neutral building

2014 Establishment of Trotec Laser Italia

2015 Acquisition of ILC, change of name from Trotec Productions and Vertriebs GmbH to Trotec Laser GmbH

By acquisition of the material manufacturer ILC in 2015, Trotec became a manufacturer of a wide range of laser and engraving materials

1991 Revolutionary idea as the foundation of Trotec Laser

Klaus Müller was inspired by a trip to the USA to use CO2 lasers to produce text plates precisely and to the highest quality standards. This revolutionary idea was the foundation for the development history of Trotec lasers and the digitalization of the stamping industry. Klaus Müller was the first CEO of Trotec and CEO of Trodat 1983-2002.

Under the umbrella of TroGroup, Trodat operates globally in the area of stamp production while Trotec operates in lasers.
The TroGroup currently (basis for figures: total calendar year 2020) generates a total sales volume of more than € 246 million and has approximately 1870 employees in more than 40 subsidiaries. The group is present in more than 150 countries with total export quota amounts over 98 %.

Both Trodat and Trotec act as subsidiaries under the umbrella of TroGroup. Trodat is by far the world’s largest manufacturer of stamps and Trotec leads the world market for laser engraving, cutting and marking.

TroGroup management:
Norbert Schrüfer, CEO
Peter Köstler, CFO

TroGroup is a private company 74.9% owned by the family Müller-Just and 25.1% by the owner of the ImWind Group based in Lower-Austria.

Facts & Figures

  • Purpose of enterprise: Manufacture and sale of CO₂ and fiber laser systems for engraving, marking and cutting various materials.
  • Company foundation: 1997 in Wels, Austria
  • Address: Freilingerstr. 99, A-4614 Marchtrenk, Austria
  • Production Locations:
  • Marchtrenk, Austria: Production of CO₂ and fiber laser plotters
  • Markdorf, Germany: Construction of special devices
  • New Bern, North Carolina, USA: Production of engraving materials
  • Sales volume in 2019: €141 mio.
  • CEOs: Andreas Penz, Peter Kratky
  • Employees: 700
  • Export quota: 97 % (worldwide)
  • Offices: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, India, Mexico
  • 51 showrooms worldwide
  • Distributor network with 113 partners worldwide
  • Product portfolio: Rayjet, Speedy series, SP series, SpeedMarker series, ProMarker series, laser & engraving material, industry solutions, automated equipment
  • Awards: ISO50001, ISO9001, ISO14001, User Experience Award, Green Building Award, Hidden Champions 3.0 – Award by WKO, iF Design Award

Press Inquiries

For enquiries concerning public relations, we will be happy to help you.

Email: enquiries@troteclaser.com
Phone: +44 (0) 191 580 1184

Trotec Locations

Trotec Locations
North America South America Europe South Africa Asia Australia
68 Trotec office locations
700 Employees
113 Distribution partners
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