How to Import Laser Parameters to JobControl®

In just a few mouse clicks, you can import material processing parameters into JobControl®.

If you are using Ruby® laser software, please find instructions on rubyhelp.com.

Step by Step

Open the Material database

To begin, open JobControl® on your computer. Select the Settings tab on the toolbar at the top of the window. Choose the Material Template Setup option (Ctrl+M) from the drop-down menu. The materials database will open in a new window.

Import the Material Parameter File(s)

Click on the gear symbol located on the bottom left-hand corner of the Material database window. Select the Import from file option, and a new window will open.

Next, select the file containing the material processing parameters that you wish to import. If records with the same file name exist, you may create a copy or overwrite the existing file.


We recommend that you select the Import materials and create copy on equal materal names option in the Material import window. This will prevent the accidental overwriting of eexisting parameters. You can change the parameters at any time after the import.

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