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Simple, "Speedy" Handling of All your Laser Jobs

With its innovative features and user-friendly design, Trotec's JobControl® laser software will simplify your workflow and streamline your way to perfect cutting and engraving results. Work in your favourite program(s) (CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, InkScape, Word etc.) and send your artwork directly to the laser in one simple step. The Trotec printer driver uses Quick Print to send the file directly from your software of choice to JobControl® as easily as printing, on both PC and Mac. With a host of clever, purpose-designed features, JobControl® allows you to enjoy the maximum out of your Trotec laser.

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The Screen as a "Virtual Laser Machine"

Never strain or search for laser jobs in a tiny window ever again! JobControl® allows you to take full advantage of your big, bright computer monitor, enabling the user to move and position jobs freely from the job list to any position in the "virtual laser machine" and begin a job without leaving your chair or touching the machine. Productivity and practicality are our goals.

The Highlights of JobControl® at a Glance:

Job Favourites

Save laser settings (size, material, resolution, cut lines, etc.) for repeating jobs. This saves setup time and reduces the risk of errors.


"What you see is what you get“ Preview your print output with a 1-to-1 on-screen representation to avoid material wastage.


Extremely accurate automatic focusing in a single click. The engraving result, material thickness, focal length, cutting table, etc. can all be saved in the material database. The software calculates the correct position to engrave precisely at the focal point - offering the best engraving result.

Job Management

Every job sent to your laser is stored in a clearly laid out list. Filter by name, date, process type, resolution, etc. All jobs can be repeated at any time with just one click.

Bi-Directional Communication

Your laser and JobControl® are in constant communication. The position of the laser head and progress of your current job are updated live as work progresses, allowing you granular control over your laser and workflow.

Precise Measurement & Guides

Ideal for precision work, position your job exactly on the table and avoid unnecessary material wastage.

Duplicate and Rotate Jobs

 From the queue, a job can be placed on the work surface as often as required, allowing you to duplicate and rotate jobs easily, thus optimizing use of your working area.

Magnetic Marker

Magnetic positioning aids allow you to quickly and easily create your own job templates. These can be saved and used for recurring tasks.

Production Time Calculator

Indicates how long laser processing will take in advance down to the second, allowing you to calculate ROI and plan more easily.

Photo-Optimized Engraving

For perfect, "high resolution" engraved pictures on virtually any material.

Enhanced Geometries

Cutting lines are transferred to the laser in perfect arcs/tool paths, allowing you to prioritize for optimum cutting results on all materials.

Material Database: The Heart of JobControl®

Pre-tested, default settings for nearly all standard Trotec materials help you to achieve the best possible engraving and cutting results straight out of the box with zero guesswork. In addition, you can also create your own material templates, which can be saved and managed independently to your liking.

Processing via Color Mapping:

Set processing settings such as engraving or cutting, speed, power level, number of passes, Z-offset, etc. by colors:

  • Automatic Z-Axis Control: Helpful for objects with different focal point positions.
  • Multiple engraving passes: Allows you to achieve the best possible engraving or cutting quality when dealing with delicate materials.
  • Webs: By interrupting the cutting line at defined intervals cut parts do not fall away from the raw material. This is very useful when producing entire stamp plates or filigree cutouts.

All settings are carried out in a single production step - No additional work steps are required!

Import/Export of Laser Parameters:

Easy import and export of your material parameters for creating a backup copy or for use on another computer.

How to import laser parameters
How to export laser parameters

Administrator Mode:

The administrator is able to lock individual materials, material groups or the entire material database. Consequently, elaborated parameters will never be lost.

JobControl® Gives You Control