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Simple and fast handling of your laser jobs

JobControl® laser software assists you perfectly during laser engraving and laser cutting. Innovative JobControl® features simplify your daily work - for optimal cutting and engraving results. Work in your usual programs (CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Illustrator, InkScape, Word etc.) and simply send your design from your PC to the laser. The Trotec printer driver uses Quick Print to send the file directly to the laser or the laser software JobControl®. A host of clever features allow you to optimize your workflow. No other laser software supports you better in working with your laser. 

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Your screen as a "virtual laser machine"

With JobControl®, you can make use of the size of your computer monitor instead of searching for your laser jobs in a mini display. By clicking in the screen with your mouse, you can move engraving jobs that have not yet been processed from the job list to any position in the virtual laser machine. Thanks to bidirectional communication, you can start the engraving job without leaving your workplace. In addition, JobControl® includes a large number of useful and intelligent functions that will make your work easier. Because your productivity is our goal.

Material Database: The Heart of JobControl®

Predefined settings for different standard materials help you achieve the best possible engraving and cutting results.
In addition, you can also save and manage your own materials.

Processing via Color Mapping:

Define processing settings such as engraving or cutting, speed, power level, number of passes, Z-offset, etc. by colors:
  • Automatic Z-Axis Control: Helpful for objects with different focal point positions.
  • Multiple engraving passes: Allows you to achieve the best possible engraving or cutting quality when dealing with sensitive materials
  • Webs: By interrupting the cutting line at defined intervals cut parts do not fall away from the raw material. This is very useful when producing entire stamp plates or filigree cutouts.
All settings are carried out in a single production step. No additional work steps are required.

Import/Export of laser parameters:

Easy import and export of your material parameters for creating a backup copy or for use on another PC.

How to import laser parameters
How to export laser parameters

Administrator Mode:

The administrator is able to lock individual materials, material groups or the entire material database. Consequently, elaborated parameters will never be lost.

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