What To Do If Your Laser Won't Start?

Fix your laser so it's ready to operate again with a firmware update.

Step-by-step instructions for updating via Windows Explorer:

Step 1: Open the Firmware-Update '.exe' file in Explorer

Open the program "FirmwareUpdate.exe" by double-clicking the left mouse key.

Step 2: Start and end the update

Next, click "Connect", then click "Send".
Now wait until the update is finished before clicking "OK".

Step by step instruction for updating via JobControl®:

Step 1: Preparation

Start JobControl®. Now, switch off the laser machine and open its lid. Then, switch the machine back on.

Step 2: JobControl® settings

Select "Update Firmware" in JobControl®, found under "Settings".

Step 3: Select the Trotec Firmware-Update data file

Select the Trotec update data file you requested with the "Load" command.

Step 4: Start and end the update

Select the "Send" command and wait until the update has completed. 
CAUTION: Never press the "Cancel" button during an update!
Do not operate your laser machine during a firmware update.
To end the update, click "OK".

Step 5: After the firmware update

Turn the laser machine off.
Close the lid.
Switch the machine back on. > The laser machine should reference the axes Boot up JobControl® and connect back to the laser machine.

Check the update

Click "Settings" and "Information".
Now, if you receive an 'error' message, carry out the entire update again.

Still having problems?