What To Do If Your Laser Won't Start?

Fix your laser so it's ready to operate again with a firmware update.

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If your laser is not responding once you've pressed "start", you may need to update your firmware. Below you will find step-by-step instructions outlining how to update your firmware and solve this easily fixable problem. 


First, you need to request a firmware update from the Trotec Technical Support team: service@troteclaser.com.au

You can then install the updated firmware via Windows Explorer or JobControl® using the following step-by-step instructions...

Step-by-step instructions for updating via Windows Explorer:

Step 1: Open the Firmware-Update '.exe' file in Explorer

Open the program "FirmwareUpdate.exe" by double-clicking the left mouse key.

Step 2: Start and end the update

Next, click "Connect", then click "Send".
Now wait until the update is finished before clicking "OK".

Step by step instruction for updating via JobControl®:

Step 1: Preparation

Start JobControl®. Now, switch off the laser machine and open its lid. Then, switch the machine back on.

Step 2: JobControl® settings

Select "Update Firmware" in JobControl®, found under "Settings".

Step 3: Select the Trotec Firmware-Update data file

Select the Trotec update data file you requested with the "Load" command.

Step 4: Start and end the update

Select the "Send" command and wait until the update has completed. 
CAUTION: Never press the "Cancel" button during an update!
Do not operate your laser machine during a firmware update.
To end the update, click "OK".

Step 5: After the firmware update

Turn the laser machine off.
Close the lid.
Switch the machine back on.

> The laser machine should reference the axes

Boot up JobControl® and connect back to the laser machine.

Check the update

Click "Settings" and "Information".
Now, if you receive an 'error' message, carry out the entire update again.

Still having problems?

If problems persist, please contact our Technical Support team. We will be more than happy to take a look at your problem and find a quick and easy solution.