SpeedMark Vision – Smart Adjust

Camera assisted positioning

SpeedMark Vision – Smart Adjust is a camera assisted positioning tool for precise lasermarking of components. The HD camera shows a live image of the marking area within the user surface of SpeedMark. The user can easily position the text with "drag & drop" directly on the work piece. Efforts for positioning can be reduced to a minimum.

Zoom function for userfriendly laser marking

With zoom function you can visualize every nut, bolt and screw, so you can position the marking precisely on smallest parts.

Either radial text or other geometrical shapes – all markings are possible. With Smart Adjust the user can see a live preview on the screen which helps to place the marking correctly and monitor it, and the first marking will fit without any waste.

Fast and economic lasermarking

You can lasermark exactly there where it is needed. This results in several benefits for the laser user:

  • Minimized efforts to adjust
  • Easy to use
  • Highest precision, even on smallest parts
  • Less waste (no "trial and error process")
  • More profitability
  • More productivity