Important information before performing a JobControl update

How do I ensure that no data is lost through a JobControl update?

To perform a JobControl® update, you should follow the instructions below. This will help you to ensure that no files or information are lost through the laser software update.

Important steps before a JobControl update

  • Before you perform the update, make sure that you have full administrator rights in Windows.
  • Run the update immediately after the Windows start-up to avoid conflicts with other applications.
  • Before updating the software, create a service file to save the parameter data in the current material database.

In addition, we recommend saving the material database before updating the software in order to save all parameter data. 

How do I create a service file?

The service file is created in the JobControl software and saves the material database settings. Use the following steps to create the service file:

  1. Click on the “Help” tab in JobControl.
  2. The “Create service file” command creates the file.
  3. Save the service file locally in order to have it available again after the update.

How do I export my parameter data?

  1. Open the material database in JobControl by double-clicking on the edit box.
  2. Use the “Export all” command to export the parameter data in the context menu of the settings as an XML file on your PC.
  3. After the update, you can load the parameter data back into the software using the “Import from file” command.

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