Important Information When Performing a JobControl Update

How do I keep my data from being lost during a JobControl update?

Steps to Take Prior to a JobControl Update

  • Before you begin the update, ensure that you have complete administrator rights in Windows.
  • Begin the update immediately following the Windows start-up. This will avoid conflict with other applications on your PC.
  • Before you begin the update, create a service file and save the parameter data in the current material database.
We also recommend saving your material database before you begin updating the software. This will automatically save all your parameter data. You can find instructions for this here.

"How do I create a service file?"

Your service file is created in JobControl and saves all the material database settings. Follow these steps:
  1. Click on “Help” in JobControl.
  2. Create service file” appears. This command creates the file.
  3. Save the service file so that you still have it once the update is finished.

"How do I export my parameter data?"

  1. Open JobControl's material database by double-clicking on the 'edit' box.
  2. Click "Export all" to export the parameter data in the context menu of the settings as an XML file.
  3. Once the update in complete, you can reload the parameter data by clicking "Import from file".
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