Acrylic Valentines Day Necklace Charms

Creating beautiful glass edges when cutting acrylic - Using laser tape and a acrylic cutting grid table will help to create a nice down draft. Having a good down draft is important for creating beautiful glass edges when cutting acrylic.

items needed for diy necklace
items needed for diy necklace

This Valentine's Day, use your Speedy laser system to create colourful acrylic pendants for those dearest to you!

Trotec's online materials shop features a broad range of acrylics for you to choose from, so that you can make customize each gift's look.



Although we used TroGlass for this project, you are free to use any 1/8" acrylic sheet.

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NOTE: Any laser system from the Speedy series can be used for this project.


The key to creating a flame-polished edge on acrylic is to have a moderately strong down draft from the exhaust's vacuum. To prevent the material to move out of position, engraving table tape is an important tool to have.

Valentines Day Necklace Charms


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Step by step

jobcontrol print settings acrylic
Step 1

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Create your own pendant designs, or download our template (below) and make any desired edits. Send the finalized artwork to JobControl® using the print settings below.

Print Settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Standard 500dpi None
Halftone Other
Color None
laser cut acrylic with arcylic cutting grid table
Step 2

Step 2: Laser Process the TroGlass Sheet

Apply the engraving table tape to the back side of the acrylic sheet. Then, carefully position the sheet on the acrylic cutting grid table in your laser. The engraving tape will stick to the table, preventing the material from shifting when being cut. 

To maximize the exhaust's suction force on the acrylic sheet, cover the remaining work area with material (e.g., paper sheets).

More acrylic processing tips

Laser Processing Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Red Cutting CO2 90 0.4 5000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 ON - -

The optimal processing settings depend on your specific Speedy laser system and it's available wattage.

Standard TroGlass processing parameters for each model in the Speedy series can be downloaded HERE.

items needed for diy necklace
Step 3

Step 3: Assemble the Necklace

To complete your first necklace, fix two jump rings to the necklace chain using the needle nose pliers. Finally, use the needle nose pliers to insert the jump rings into the pendant's eyelets. If the pendant has a single eyelet, use one jump ring.

Repeat this process for any additional necklaces or bracelets you wish to make.

More Ideas

  • If your Speedy system is equipped with flexx™ technology, you can customize metal pendants
  • Attach multiple charms to a single necklace or bracelet
  • Engrave each recipient's name on acrylic pendants without interior cuts

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