Flexx Technology: CO₂ & Fiber Laser Sources in One Machine

Endless Application Options

Maximum Flexibility with Two Laser Sources in One Laser System

Trotec's patented Flexx Technology™ integrates two laser sources (CO2 and fiber) in a single machine machine, allowing a variety of materials to be processed in one operation. The CO2 laser source is ideal for engraving and cutting plastics, wood, rubber, leather and many other materials. On the other hands, the fiber laser source is the right tool for marking metals and staining plastics.

Processing Different Materials in One Laser Job

The patented Flexx function permits the user to alternatively activate both CO2 and fiber laser sources during job processing. Manually changing the laser tubes, lens or focus is not required.

The laser sources are easily assigned at the touch of button in the JobControl® laser software. Every conceivable CO2 laser application, as well as metal marking and engraving, can be streamlined and seamlessly processed. This guarantees that you'll be able to increase production volume and efficiency.

Ready for Flexx

Every laser engraving machine in the Speedy series is “ready for flexx." This means that every Speedy can be retrofitted with an additional laser source whenever you are ready.

CO2 and Fiber Laser Sources: Overview of Material Compatibility

You are able to process a wide range of materials with a Speedy Flexx laser:

  Material CO2 Fiber
Non-Metal Wood  
Plastics ABS; PC; PA, PMMA ...
Metal Aluminum  
  Anodized Aluminum
  Coated Metal  
  Precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum)  
  High speed steel  
  Stainless Steel  

NOTE: The metals listed in the table above can also be processed with a CO2 laser. However, this processing method requires an additional work step and the use of a laser marking compund.

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