Ruby® 2.2 - 05.04.2022

New functions:

  • Trotec Vision Design & Position supported
  • Import folder works now with CDR and DXF files
  • Speedy Fiber Series supported
  • Rotary attachment for SP500 supported
  • Show/hide grid on DESIGN and PREPARE
  • Import multi-page pdf as a single design or as individual designs

Improvements and updates:

  • Vector union for single complex/text shape
  • Creating stamps from shared designs
  • Firmware update files can be selected directly from a list in Ruby
  • Consinstent tool tips for functions in DESIGN
  • Merge overlapping regmarks in designs for Print&Cut
  • Default font for Japanese
  • Default name for new material

Improvements for Run on Ruby machines:

  • Fixed performance issues after a while of running
  • Notifications do not hide controls on touch display anymore
  • Prevent updates directly from the touch display

Notable bugfixes:

  • Fixed Error 50: Arc is to big for Firmware
  • Short engraved lines are now visible
  • Corrected link for the download of Ruby remote certificates
  • Mask effect and cover layer for stamps
  • Improved responsiveness for materials with many effects

Updated on 1. June 2022

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