Medical technology

Laser marking medical and surgical instruments

cannula laser marked

Biocompatible. Traceable. Economical.

UDI or "Unique Device Identification" is based on ISO compliant standard codes, which must be specified on medical products for traceability requirements. By scanning the barcode, you can obtain information such as the manufacturer's name, item reference or expiration date. This allows error-free documentation and helps ensure patient safety.
Laser markings are resistant to acids, cleaners or bodily fluids. As the surface structure remains unchanged, depending on the labeling process, surgical instruments and medical technology can be kept clean and sterile easily. Even if implants remain inside the body for a long time, no materials from the label can detach themselves and harm the patient.

Materials suitable for laser marking

  • Titanium and titanium alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • High-alloy steel
  • Coated metals
  • Ceramic
  • Plastics (e.g. PEEK for implants)

Marking Medical Instruments

Engraving Medical Tools

This week, we're laser marking and annealing medical instruments using our SpeedMarker 700 laser marker galvo system.

The galvo laser machine uses twin mirrors inside the galvo lens to anneal and engrave metal at a fraction of the time of traditional flatbed lasers.

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Application examples of medical technology

Laser engraving has already become a standard technology in many areas of the medical industry thanks to the many benefits it offers. These characteristics of the devices- based on the UDI (unique device identification) or MDR (medical device regulation)- are marked with the laser: Data Matrix barcodes containing batch numbers, production dates, serial numbers, manufacturer information, product information, etc. as well as markings that serve as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

More information about UID marking

  • Medical instruments
  • Surgical instruments
  • Orthopedic or trauma surgery implants
  • Plastic cannulas
laser marked surgical scissors

Why should I buy a laser for marking medical instruments?

Biocompatibility of laser markings: Laser markings are resistant to acids, cleaners or bodily fluids. As the surface structure remains unchanged, depending on labeling process, no germs can establish themselves on the instruments. Even if implants remain inside the body for a long time, no materials from the label can detach themselves.
Traceability: The marking contents remain legible (also electronically) on the medical technology even under heavy use and after hundreds of cleaning procedures. This means that the parts can be clearly tracked and identified.

"Typically in our industry of dentures, one of the things we offer most for patients is to have their names put into dentures. Traditional name insertion applications were extremely time consuming. We use our Rayjet laser engraver anywhere from 2-10 times in one day. We charged an additional fee for name insertion and we've recouped the price of the laser in less than 6 months, it was just a great investment for our business. "
- Ester Schwenning - Northern Lights Denture Clinic -

Function and advantages of laser technology

Marking content: Traceability codes with variable contents

  • A wide range of different markings can be created from variable content without retooling or tool changes
  • Marking requirements in medical technology can be implemented easily thanks to flexible and intelligent software solutions.

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Intelligent and intuitive SpeedMark marking software that can simply process data from existing ERP systems and reproduce all dynamic contents in codes

Permanent labeling for traceability and quality assurance

  • In medical technology, instruments are cleaned very often with harsh chemicals. These high requirements can often only be implemented with laser markings.
  • Laser markings are permanent and are abrasion, heat and acid resistant.

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Individual consultancy, sampling and application testing by Trotec experts
  • Product portfolio that includes suitable, maintenance-free fiber laser systems for all requirements
  • Smart and intuitive SpeedMark marking software that can handle dynamic contents from external systems and reproduce it in the form of text, numbers or codes

Highest marking quality and accuracy

  • It is possible to create tiny details and fonts that are highly legible
  • Precise and small shapes can be marked with acute accuracy
  • Marking processes can be combined to clean the material after processing or to provide a higher contrast (e.g. Data Matrix codes)

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Ideal optics and optimal beam performance thanks to high-quality components
  • Camera-based component positioning for high precision and ease of use

Flexibility with materials

  • A wide range of materials including titanium, stainless steel, high alloy steels, ceramics, plastics, and PEEK - can be marked with the laser

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Product portfolio with suitable fiber laser systems for all requirements, inculding a freestanding workstation, custom-built system or integration into a production line
  • Material database and parameter finder in the SpeedMark marking software to help find the correct laser parameters for all materials.

Marking takes seconds and allows greater output

  • High speed marking is possible with variable data (e.g. serial numbers, codes)
  • A wide range of markings can be created without retooling or tool changes

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Intelligent and intuitive marking software
  • Fast and highly accurate positioning of components by means of a camera system: SpeedMark Vision - Smart Adjust
  • Integration of contents from ERP files is possible

Non-contact and reliable material processing capabilities

  • There is no need to firmly clamp down or fixate materials
  • Time savings and consistently good results

Advantages of a Trotec laser

  • Broad product portfolio with the right laser system for every requirement
  • Highly accurate laser marking even on your "first attempt" thanks to camera-assisted positioning

Cost-efficient production

  • No set-up time with the laser, regardless of large or small quantities
  • No tool wear

Advantages of a Trotec laser 

  • The SpeedMarker with a maintenance-free fiber laser can be integrated as a laser workstation or into a production line
  • The robust mechanics of Trotec laser systems have been designed for many years of intensive use with minimal servicing

Integration into production lines is possible

  • Hardware and software-sided integration into existing production lines is possible

Advantages of a Trotec laser 

  • Years of experience of integrating OEM galvo laser systems into production lines
  • Software that meets all requirements for interfaces with other systems

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