Coming soon : laser engraving slate ornaments

1. September 2022 •

Brand new: slate ornaments for laser engraving.

Just in time for Christmas! Trotec introduces ornaments made of natural slate for laser engraving. The slate ornaments are available as a tree, heart, star, or circle and come with a jute ribbon for hanging. With an individual laser engraving, you can achieve beautiful contrasts and the slate ornaments are the perfect Christmas present or a beautiful decorative item.

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Laser engraved slate hangers.

Are you looking for more inspiration? You can also find personalized slate hangers in our collection of laser projects. Read our step-by-step instructions.

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Tips and tricks for laser engraving on stone.

Laser engraving on stone offers incredible design possibilities. Visit our website to find out why the laser is the perfect tool for processing stone.

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Why you need Trotec Vision, Design & Position.

The slate ornaments are also perfectly suited for processing with our Vision, Design & Position system. The integrated camera in the laser cover allows you to position the personalization exactly and implement it even faster.

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