Shibaura Institute of Technology.

The operability of Trotec products is very good. Furthermore, I have been very impressed by the processing speed of the new Speedy 400 that the university has just installed. Its speed in itself really helps us out. I should also mention that these days more and more of our classes are adopting a problem-based learning approach. One element of that is that we need to quickly and reliably produce accurate products there and then. What is more, in my own “Project Design” research laboratory, it is necessary to be able to create different things as a form of communications tool. At such times, what is most convincing is the ability to produce something rather specialized rather quickly. Under such circumstances, I find the ability to use a laser cutter to be very valuable.

Assistant Professor Keita Aoshima
School of Architecture, Shibaura Institute of Technology

The Trotec solutions.

The standard graphics program can be used

Trotec laser cutters pair up well with Adobe Illustrator thanks to the many benefits of their easy-to-use operational interface. With the standardized configuration of the SIT School of Architecture's Trotec laser, students can quickly and easily have their designs made from inside the familiar environment of Adobe Illustrator.

Trotec laser machines offer high levels of safety

In looking to purchase a laser cutter, SIT felt that the Interlock-secured cover offered by Trotec was a necessity in that it was very important to be able to stop operation of the machinery if the cover happened to be open. Although some consideration was also given to certain cheaper options that are only equipped with open exhaust systems, an emphasis was instead placed on ensuring student safety. Moreover, in that such equipment was also to be used in workshops conducted with children, it was also important that any cutter was equipped with a cover that would allow them to safely see it operating.

Speed and toughness were also important selection criteria for SIT

As Professor Aoshima puts it, “I think of lasers as being a form of high-function pencil. By picking up a pen directly in the hand, what I think is ideal is the idea of being able to sketch a picture and then have the cutter reproduce it exactly. What is more, compared to 3D printers, the speed of laser cutters feels much faster. Additionally, I had heard that the machines of certain manufacturers were prone to frequent breakdowns. As such, in that our Rayjet Trotec laser unit hasn’t failed us yet, I get the impression that Trotec products can be used long-term.”

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