Fablab - Technology Center for Education Support.

Technology Center for Education Support.

The Technology Centre for Education Support first opened its doors in 2012, as a proud project of the Department of Education at the RSUH (Russian State University for the Humanities). Its principal goals are digital design and 3D prototyping for research and design, best explained by the Head of the Center, Dr. Sergey Kuvshinov - Doctor of Science, and Director of the International Innovative Technologies Institute. "The fablab in our University is one of 17 fablabs, that were established 6 years ago on basis of the premier Moscow universities. The speciality of our fablab is creation of complicated culture and engineering objects. Now our center has a complex of equipment: a 3D printer, a laser machine, robotics equipment. Trotec laser machine is a part of our modern job shop".

Innovation at the RSUH University Fablab.

 Setting the Technology Center for Education Support singularly apart from a typical FabLab is its uniquely dual focus, placing as much importance on design and prototyping, as on the ability for students to learn and test ideas while in the midst of their creation. This meant that, in choosing the technology they would use to fill the lab and empower their students, organizers had to ensure that it would likewise be capable of this dual priority. Something that could be simple and convenient to use, while simultaneously offering the power to create and prototype in a meaningful way. It was also vital that technical support and assistance be readily available in Russia, should any issues arise. 

Why have you chosen Trotec laser machine?

After careful consideration, the Technology Center for Education Support chose a Trotec Speedy 100 laser as the ideal system to fit their needs. Despite the initial investment, Trotec was a "guaranteed brand", and organizers were excited at the potential the machine offered, as well as the ready access to technical service in Russia from Trotec authorized distributor , Laser Center. "They supported us in all steps at the beginning. And now we can always decide our questions about laser process", explains Sergey Kuvshinov. The Speedy 100 is everything the center was hoping to find in a single package. Its quality of models, speed and ease of operation allow students and faculty to study and teach the process of 3D design, all while creating protoypes of the highest quality. Learning the way, while leading the way, all at the same time.

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