Promotion4U speeds up productions thanks to the Speedy 300

Thanks to the purchase of two Speedy 300, Promotion4U is developing very quickly. As their production has sped up, they have big plans for the future, possibly involving even more Trotec laser machines.


Develop and produce promotional gifts for resellers in the promotional sector


Hardenberg, Netherlands

Laser machine

Speedy 300 & Speedy 300 with camera

The start of Promotion4U

Promotion4U is an international wholesale supplier that develops and produces business gifts for resellers in the promotional sector. Unique products and striking customization are important keywords. Examples include keychains, trophies, medals, vinyl stickers and coasters, both delivered standard from the warehouse and custom made to order.

The company was founded in 2008 by Chris Meijdam and production was done from his shed. A year later, the company had already outgrown its premises and he and a number of employees moved into a new company building in Hardenberg, where he runs his successful business today. The team consists of 15 enthusiastic employees in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. There is also a three-person team in Germany that mainly deals with sales and marketing to serve the European customers.

Getting started with laser engraving

The reason for purchasing their first laser machine was because they received many requests from customers to laser engrave promotional gifts, but also because of jobs where they could no longer get by with the regular milling machines. "We once started with milling, but found that with a laser machine, there's just so much more possible," Laura said. She says the laser finishes materials much smoother, and a milling cutter, according to Laura, is actually a kind of drill that finishes pretty rough. "By purchasing the laser machine, we can really create a lot of new and beautiful things."

"The materials we process with the laser machines make up quite a list. Some examples are: Veneer wood, aluminum, TroGlass and TroLase." 

Laura Buitenhuis

The purchase of the Speedy's

Through the acquisition of a related company, Promotion4u came into possession of a Trotec Laser. Initially, they worked on a number of products. 

This went so well that in 2020 they purchased their first own Trotec laser machine, a Speedy 300. This was soon followed by a second one in 2022, again a Speedy 300, but this time with a built-in camera. "We only do production work and not one-off projects," Laura explains. "It works faster to be able to handle this with two laser machines." Laura sees more applications coming in the future for laser technology. "We are developing extremely fast and in the future we would like to do something with larger products and materials such as metal. We are busy developing further and there is plenty of room for a third machine," she says excitedly. "We are really outgrowing our capacity because thanks to the laser machines we can now produce everything super fast."

"The communication is good. You ring the bell and you are helped. The machines also work very pleasantly and I see a whole row of Trotec Lasers in our warehouse in the future."

Laura Buitenhuis

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