Graz TU supports research projects and creative minds with lasers

The lasers in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation at Graz University of Technology facilitate the implementation of research projects through ease of use.


Focus on prototyping


Austria, Graz

Laser machine

Speedy 100 and SP 500

Space for research projects at the Institute for Innovation & Industry Management.

Thanks to the Institute for Innovation & Industrial Management - which includes the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation - Graz University of Technology offers its students the opportunity to quickly and easily implement their projects in the field of physical prototyping. People from outside can also use the Makerspace during the "Open Day" to realize themselves and their ideas. The institute is active in teaching, research and education and supports various research projects in different areas such as product design, maker movement, sustainability, industrial management, agility, digitalization and facility planning and optimization.

Easy operation of the laser for all members.

The institute's board of directors wanted to create low-threshold access for a particularly broad group of the population through easy-to-use production machines, such as the laser. This enables not only students to realize various projects, but also other groups of people such as school children, entrepreneurs and creative hobbyists. The 2 laser machines from Trotec in the Schumpeter lab are mainly used  for the creation of prototypes. Laser technology makes it possible to implement a wide variety of projects very quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, it offers the possibility to engrave or cut a wide range of different materials such as wood, rubber, leather, foams, metal, as well as various plastics, paper or cardboard. Before the acquisition of the laser systems, manually guided tools were used, which of course delivered correspondingly lower quality. Thanks to the lasers, projects can be implemented not only quickly, but above all precisely and with high quality.

One single point of contact simplifies training and maintenance.

The Schumpeter Lab as a makerspace is used by a wide variety of groups of people. Especially in the area of research, it is important to answer questions that arise about materials and feasibility as quickly as possible. A large part of the questions is often already clarified by the staff on site, but for specific questions a quick answer by experts is essential. Individual support and rapid response were therefore the decisive reasons for the Schumpeter laboratory to choose a local provider. The lab already has a Speedy 100 and an SP 500 in operation. The two lasers - from just one supplier - also have the advantage that training, maintenance and servicing of the equipment can be standardized and facilitated. All in all, the personal support and the complete package were decisive for the purchase of the lasers.

The lasers in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation run up to 16 hours a day, depending on the number and complexity of the projects. Thanks to the lasers, fast and cost-effective - in terms of material use - implementation is possible.

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