Fire Brigade Service Center Erding

At the Erding Fire Brigade Service Center, the Speedy 100 creates reliable and optically high-quality markings on around 500 items per year of firefighting equipment made of stainless steel or plastic to ensure ownership and recognition.


Marking of firefighting equipment


Erding, Germany

Laser machine

Speedy 100 60 Watt with Atmos Cube

Fire Brigade Service Center Erding 

Since its foundation in 1989, the Fire Brigade Service Center (FSZ) in Erding has been providing an important service to the 26 affiliated communities: one full-time and nine part-time employees centrally handle the maintenance, care and storage of technical equipment for the total of 68 volunteer fire departments in the district. This point of contact ensures that the right people with the necessary expertise are available and at the same time saves costs, since each fire department does not have to purchase the necessary testing equipment and training individually.

However, the central organization requires a good process to ensure that all equipment is returned to the owner. Clear identification is particularly important, as fire departments and their personal protective equipment often get mixed up during major operations. Markings are also necessary for standard maintenance and care, so that the services performed can be assigned to the correct communities.

Clear, forgery-proof and optically high-quality marking without material damage.

In order to safeguard ownership and ensure recognizability, the equipment used by fire departments, some of which is very expensive, should be uniquely marked in a tamper-proof and visually high-quality manner. In the past, such equipment as breathing apparatus, respirators, breathing valves, fall protection devices, carabiners, radios, etc. was marked by means of a mechanical engraving machine, stickers or hand lettering. However, these types of marking have several disadvantages: for example, mechanical engraving creates direct stress on the material, which can cause material fatigue or weakening. Stickers or hand lettering can become detached. In the search for the ideal marking method, laser technology was soon encountered.

"With the Trotec laser we can now work more cleanly and with less strain on the material. At the same time, the laser is so easy to use that it also eliminates the previously laborious creation of engraving programs, making us much faster. "

Leonhard Seifert
Avocational respiratory protection equipment attendant

Convinced by Trotec quality

The contact to Trotec Laser was established through the recommendation of the Munich professional fire department. After the responsible persons of the FSZ visited, among other suppliers, the nearby Trotec showroom, the decision was quickly made. With the Speedy 100, the Fire Brigade Service Center now has the means to flexibly and quickly labeling equipment made of stainless steel or plastic with data such as the owner's name or equipment number. Laser engraving eliminates all the previous disadvantages of mechanical stress or detachment of the labeling.
After one of the FSZ's suppliers still had doubts about the material stress caused by the laser, a risk assessment was prepared. The conclusion: The manufacturer was so impressed that he now offers laser marking himself.

"We have experienced that with Trotec, you are not just a customer number. One example: After we had ordered engraving material, we received a call from the Trotec customer service asking, whether we really wanted this material, as it was not suitable for our laser. At the same time, the correct laser material was recommended to us. This approach of not just sending out ordered material, but actively advising the customer, impressed us and convinced us to remain a loyal customer."

Leonhard Seifert
Avocational respiratory protection equipment attendant

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