Trotec laser are the perfect compliment for Brissco's signage.

In the beginning.

Incorporated in 1948 as the Bristol Typewriter Company, UK-based Brissco initially specialised in the maintenance, repair and reconditioning of typewriters in addition to supplying paper, carbons and ribbons.

In 1952, a collaboration with the 3M Company allowed Brissco to experiment in sign-making using their self-adhesive materials, with the successful venture leading to Brissco's decision to specialise in bespoke sign making.

In 1988 Brissco relocated to a 22,000 square foot factory in South Bristol to enable business growth. Many of the production staff within Brissco have been with the company for over 25 years, allowing them to bring industry knowledge and experience to ensure that each customer receives the best service possible.

Another string to the bow.

Brissco produce bespoke signage for a wide range of industries using a number of different substrates, including acrylics, woods and various laminate labels. To process these materials, Brissco utilises different machines including CNC routers, saws and guillotines.

Whilst satisfied with the quality of their machinery for the designated task, Brissco knew that there were certain stages of the process which were not time or cost efficient. The most notable was the need to flame polish acrylic products after they had been processed with a saw or router. Rather than looking to replace their current equipment, Brissco began looking into complementary technologies for their application. After some research, the Brissco team found that laser cutting seemed to be the ideal companion to their existing equipment and processes.

The team started to explore the different suppliers of lasers available on the market. When choosing their laser cutter, Brissco had a list of key criteria that the machine needed to meet, with most importantly that the machine was a quality production tool with sufficient laser power to achieve optimal results on the thickest acrylic. After exploring many lasers online, Brissco contacted Trotec and booked a demonstration at the Bristol Showroom.

Our demonstration gave us confidence not only in Trotec's equipment, but our area manager who let us put the showroom machines through their paces to ensure that we could achieve quality results. Trotec's established status as the market leader for laser equipment, supported by a comprehensive sales, technical and after-sale support, has made us fully confident in our purchase.

Mandy Freake
Commercial Director, Brissco (Equipment) Ltd.

The perfect compliment.

To help them select the optimal laser for their requirements, Brissco extensively tested their materials using previous customer files as the basis of the work to ensure that the machine would be able to deliver the optimal results. Their experience at Trotec's showroom coupled with the advice given by their area manager gave the team at Brissco confidence that a Trotec laser was the right fit for their business, opting for a Speedy 400 laser cutter.

Since the laser was installed, it has been the perfect machine to work alongside the existing production equipment, adding a fast and accurate cutting option to Brissco's production capabilities. The laser has also allowed Brissco to cut intricate shapes at a tighter tolerance, especially when working with acrylic, while removing the need to polish the finished workpieces, leading to some significant time and cost savings when compared to the cnc method.

Another benefit that Brissco has found with the new laser cutter is the ability to store settings for their own materials within Trotec's JobControl software. This serves to ensure the same great standard of work and consistent results every time.

Reflecting on the purchase, the Brissco team is fully satisfied with the Trotec purchase. From their initial demo through to aftersales customer service and beyond, the team have felt wholly supported by Trotec.

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