Many possibilities with one laser system

Laser marking systems have become a multi-functional marking tool for many applications in small- and medium-sized companies. Labeling products (for quality, traceability or plagiarism reasons) is a common application, and laser marking is the perfect method because lasers are fast, flexible, durable, material-friendly, and biocompatible. A laser system provides time-saving benefits and new possibilities for employees from all departments for many different applications.

High-speed laser marking of metals and plastics

For industrial markings (or high-speed laser marking for high volumes), you can use the SpeedMarker laser systems. These maintenance-free fiber lasers are ideal for marking metals and plastics, allowing you to use the laser (as seen in the video) for other applications such as:

  • marking advertising gifts
  • marking prototypes
  • labelling tools
  • creating type plates and much more

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