How to use the rotary engraving attachment with the SpeedMarker lasers

What is the rotary engraving attachment used for?

With Trotec's SpeedMarker marking lasers, you can laser mark cylindrical and round objects using the rotary engraving attachment. The rotary engraving attachment allows you to mark rotating objects so that the laser always works in focus. The segmentation (division into individual marking sections) is carried out via the SpeedMark marking software. With the rotary engraving attachment you can laser mark components 360°, both on the circumference and on the inside.

SpeedMark marking software

How to engrave the inside of a ring

In order to use the rotary engraving attachment, you must first connect it. In the tutorial you will learn how to connect the rotary engraving attachment, both mechanically and in terms of software engineering, to the SpeedMarker marking laser. Once the rotary engraving attachment is connected, it can be completely controlled via the SpeedMark laser software. In the software, you define the desired marking content and set the laser parameters as well as the desired segmentation. In order to engrave the inside of the ring, you must position it at an angle under the laser. This ensures that the laser beam does not hit the outer part of the ring (see picture). It's that easy to refine the ring through laser engraving.

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