Fastest laser machine on the market

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Highest productivity in engraving

Speedy is the fastest laser engraver on the market. With an engraving speed of 4.2 m/s and an acceleration of 5g, it outperforms its competitors. This is made possible by two real innovations from the Trotec development team: an innovative motion system and a revolutionary drive concept. What does that mean for you? Most efficient production, highest throughput and thus maximum profit with impeccable quality.

Six times faster cutting with OptiMotion™

The new Speedy 400 is up to six times faster when cutting than comparable laser machines on the market. Using OptiMotion™ the cutting speed and acceleration are calculated and optimized in real time based on the geometry. This is standard for larger cutting systems, but for medium-sized engraving it is a true innovation. OptiMotion™ delivers high quality in curves and maximum throughput.

Tests with competitor devices have shown that cutting jobs can be completed up to six times faster thanks to OptiMotion™. Trotec laser electronics sets new standards. Calculations are so high-performance that planning the path can be perfectly done in real time using the ‘digital twin’ concept - a digital replica of the machine in the laser electronics. This yields the physical maximum from both machine and application.

No speed parameter search

OptiMotion™ automatically searches for optimal speed parameters. In other words: The operator only needs to determine the power and speed required for laser cutting - regardless of the cutting geometry. When processing the job, OptiMotion™ regulates the speed and acceleration in real time depending on the geometry. For the operator, valuable time can be saved in laser file preparation.