Laser Marker

Our laser marking systems enable you to achieve precise and permanent marking on metals and plastics. Trotec offers Galvo workstations, integrated laser markers and flatbed lasers for high-resolution marking. It remains legible even when exposed to extreme heat, cold or humidity.

What are the advantages of a laser marking machine?

Precise, fast and permanent laser marking of metals, plastics and organic materials. Efficient, from single pieces to series production.

Precise, legible marking

Thanks to the precision of laser marking, good legibility is guaranteed, even for tiny details like QR codes, serial numbers, logos and 1-point fonts. Laser marking guarantees consistent, perfect high-contrast results.

Permanent marking for traceability

Laser markings are resistant to abrasion, corrosion and other external factors. As a result, parts with 2D codes, complex data matrix or QR codes can be marked in a tamper-proof manner.

Efficient, sustainable laser marking

Laser marking is contactless. This means that objects don’t need to be fixed, the markings don’t damage the surface of the material and there is no need for any additional consumables like ink or tools. Laser markers can be perfectly integrated into the manufacturing process. This makes laser marking one of the most time-saving and cost-effective marking processes.

Dynamic data and networking

Our SpeedMark® laser software offers automation-compatible interfaces for connecting external data and control commands. Process variable data directly from external systems such as ERP or databases. Create automation sequences quickly and easily in the software to quickly produce individual small batches. For digital processing, from single pieces to large batch sizes.

Trotec laser marker at a glance.

When it comes to marking parts and engraving information, a laser marker is fast and precise. If you need to mark single pieces or small batches, the U Series is ideal for laser marking in seconds. Our SpeedMarker series supports your automation processes with fast and productive laser marking of dynamic data. If you need to be flexible in your laser applications, the Speedy flexx opens up countless possibilities. In addition, we have integrated workstations in our portfolio that can be customised to your specific requirements.

SpeedMarker series
SpeedMarker series
U series
U series
Speedy flexx
Speedy flexx

SpeedMarker Serie - Laser marking machines for automated marking in batch mode (for medium batch sizes).

Easily integrate your laser marking systems into the production environment. By means of digital interfaces, external control signals like fieldbus automation and external databases can all be connected. The SpeedMarker uses high-quality optics and laser components, enabling you to increase your productivity while ensuring that the marking is perfectly legible.

Technical data

Working area (W x D) up to 1300 x 450 mm
Max. workpiece height 687 mm
Laser type CO2 or fiber laser
Laser power 20 – 100 watts / 20 + 100 watts MOPA

SpeedMarker series

Which laser marker is best for my requirements?

Find the right laser marking system for your material, application field or industry.

Metal, plastics, organic materials
Metal, plastics, organic materials
Metal, plastics, organic materials - Anchor
Functional or decorative marking, dynamic data
Functional or decorative marking, dynamic data
Functional or decorative marking, dynamic data - Anchor

Laser marker for metals, plastics and organic materials

Cost-effective and sustainable metal marking

Laser machines mark soft and hard metals and alloys quickly, legibly and permanently. Trotec laser marking machines are suitable for a wide range of applications, from marking for traceability, flexible logo and product marking to a batch size of one and the personalization of promotional gifts. Achieve the lowest cost per mark through non-contact marking processes without tool wear or consumables. With the use of annealing, even steel alloys can be processed without damaging the metal surface.

Metal marking

Component marking - Switches

Achieve high-quality, efficient marking of plastics with a fiber laser

Mark plastics such as ABS, PC and polyamide quickly, permanently and to the highest quality. Thanks to the option of variable marking content, even single pieces and small batch sizes can be marked economically, as setup times are eliminated. Fiber lasers are especially well suited for marking plastics, and they offer high-quality and consistent results that are quick to implement. In addition, fiber lasers are virtually maintenance-free and have an enormously long service life of at least 25,000 laser hours. A fiber laser therefore allows you to quickly and easily mark a wide range of plastic materials with precision and to a high standard.

Laser marking of plastics

Fast and efficient marking of organic materials such as textiles, leather, and wood

Finish organic materials like wood and wood-based materials with CO2 laser marking machines of the SpeedMarker series. By using templates, even more items can be marked in a single marking pass. This is especially helpful when marking promotional gifts such as pens, USB sticks or lighters.

CO2 laser marker

Laser markers according to application

Direct part marking with laser

Functional marking: data matrix codes; serial numbers on metal

Detailed traceability of finished products no longer suffices and has been extended to individual parts. Therefore, high-quality and above all, fast marking is required to ensure complete traceability for quality assurance. Laser marking machines can generate a high-resolution data matrix code or serial number on the smallest metallic surface and at tremendous speed.

Functional markings for traceability

Marking with dynamic data

Thanks to the high precision of laser marking, you can mark filigree graphics, 1-point fonts and the smallest geometries perfectly legibly. At the same time, laser marking ensures consistent results that are resistant to abrasion, heat and acid. Data plates and metal tags can be marked contactlessly, without consumables or wear. This means that plastics and metals can be marked quickly and easily for traceability in production.

Laser marking for traceability

Decorative marking: Jewelry

Laser marking systems can implement functional marking for the identification and traceability of even the smallest clockwork parts or the finest engraving of unique jewelry. The high precision of laser machines is an advantage when it comes to marking jewelry as even very small, filigree parts can be marked or engraved quickly, in detail, and to the highest standard. Fulfill every customer wish with the permanent, non-contact and efficient laser marking of logos, structures and individual graphics.

Jewelry engraving

Laser marking systems for every industry

Metal cutting tools

Robust markings in mechanical engineering

Greater durability and precision for codes, parts and product marking. In mechanical engineering, materials are subjected to heavy loads. Therefore, durable and permanently traceable marking is one of the great advantages of laser technology. It’s also tamper-proof. Non-contact marking of serial numbers, dynamic data, data plates and product information is possible on almost any material and at maximum speed – without scratching tools or components, and without smudging the marking.

Laser marking systems for manufacturing

Laser marking in medical technology: precise and secure marking

Surgical and medical instruments and even implants can be marked with a marking laser. Thanks to their resistance to acids, detergents and body fluids, these machine-readable markings are inert. Even if implants remain in the body for a long time, no harmful substances are released from the laser marking.

Laser markers in medical technology

High-quality, cost-effective laser marking in the automotive industry

Laser marking enables the unambiguous, complete traceability of safety-relevant components in the automotive industry. To ensure this, production data, dates, part, serial and batch numbers must be optimally legible on all materials. Our laser markers are flexibly adapted to customer-specific manufacturing processes and offer a cost-effective, high-quality solution for marking of automotive components. By using laser markings, automotive manufacturers can ensure that their products meet high quality and safety standards and therefore gain consumer confidence.

Laser machines for automotive marking

Cost-efficient manufacturing in the electronics and sensor industry

In the electronics industry, printed circuit boards, terminals and switchgear are usually manufactured fully automatically in mass production. In this process, components that include several pieces of information must be labeled using small and complex 2D codes. With a laser marker, high-contrast, permanent and extremely fast markings can be achieved without the use of consumables, which means greatly reduced process costs in production.  Compared to traditional marking methods that require consumables such as inkjet or labels, using a laser marker is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that is especially suitable for marking small parts and for mass production.

Laser markers for electronic components

Laser marked cutting tools

Flexible and permanent laser marking in tool and mold making

Laser marking of serial numbers, dynamic data and data plates can be precisely applied to tools with different geometries, even in the smallest font sizes. At the same time, the workpiece properties are not changed, since laser processing is contactless and chemical-free. Thanks to the environmentally-friendly marking, there are also no additional cleaning costs.

Laser marking of machining tools

Laser marking watch parts

Perfect precision: ultra-thin, detailed, high-quality laser markings for the jewelry industry

Not just for finishing, but also for the marking of parts. Our laser machines allow circumferential laser marking and the interior marking of rings to succeed flawlessly. And clockwork components, watch springs, oscillating weights, bezels, crowns, watch cases, watch backs and dials can all be marked and engraved efficiently, quickly and precisely. Even very small and delicate watch parts can be marked. With the preview of the end-result and our sophisticated, flexible technology, we’re able to provide great accuracy and repeatability at immense traversing speeds. Our laser markings are not only used for finishing, but also for the precise marking of parts.

Laser marking for watch manufacturing

Durable and efficient marking solutions in plastics technology

Plastics technology benefits from precise and efficient laser marking. Using techniques such as color change or surface foaming, plastic components can be marked permanently, legibly and with high contrast without wasting environmental and material resources. With a laser marker, complex 2D codes, barcodes and product information can be applied in a very small space. In addition, the use of laser machines can enable the removal of excess seams, which increases product quality. The use of laser machines lowers manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for templates and consumables.

Laser marking of plastics

Secure proof of origin in the aerospace industry

Thanks to their high heat resistance and contrasting marking, laser marking machines optimize the traceability of aircraft, satellite and rocket engine components. Traditional techniques like needle embossing can produce good data matrix codes, but can be difficult to read, especially if there’s damage from a test or accident.

Laser markers for traceability

Laser markers in the promotional products industry

In the promotional products industry, items made of different materials such as leather, textiles, glass, paper and plastic are commonly processed. The combination of Speedy laser engravers  and SpeedMarker laser marking systems is ideal for the high-quality marking of these products. While the Speedy laser is specially designed for marking plastics, leather and textiles, the SpeedMarker CO2 is ideal for marking organic materials like paper and wood. This combination enables the fast and precise engraving of many different advertising materials.

Laser marking promotional products

SpeedMark marking software for automated marking sequences

SpeedMark provides program modules for all standard marking tasks, including the creation of dynamic data, serial numbers and codes. You don’t need any special programming knowledge for this. There are no upper limits – you can implement completely automated marking with user-specific interfaces. You can maximize the efficiency and quality of your individual work orders and reduce potential sources of error by making use of various scripting options.

Marking software SpeedMark

Service offers for your laser marking machine.


TroCare: top maintenance for maximum productivity

Unexpected repair costs or a complete machine failure can be disastrous. That is why our TroCare packages include free annual maintenance of your Trotec laser marker. If the laser should lose power or malfunction, our customer service is available on the phone and in person, and they’ll do everything in their power to get you back up and running quickly at no additional cost.



Customized laser markers for integration into your production line

We analyze the laser process and your production flow with all its framework conditions to arrive at your customized laser solution. Your system will be optimally adapted to your productivity requirements, standard conformities, time and budget requirements as well as machine and laser safety.

Bespoke laser solutions

We’ll find the right solution for your requirements together.

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Useful insights about laser marking methods

Would you like to learn more about marking lasers before making an investment? Find everything you need to know about laser marking in this guide.

Laser marking vs. needle embossing and Ink Jet

Unterschiedliche Beschriftungsverfahren und Methoden


Local heating changes the color of the workpiece, creating a permanent mark.


A chemical process in which, depending on the material composition, different color shades result from being heated by laser machine.

Laser engraving

The laser beam removes material by melting and vaporizing it from a solid surface, creating an indentation.


During removal, color differences between the top and base coat create a contrast.


The material is melted as it foams, creating gas bubbles that diffusely reflect light to result in a brighter mark.


A process in which a permanent mark is produced by burning carbon.

Deep engraving of metals

Deep engraving is basically the same process as laser engraving. However, deep engraving requires several passes.

Black markings on anodized aluminum

A MOPA laser can mark natural anodized aluminum very legibly, the results ranging from different shades of gray to a rich black.

Which laser source is suitable for metal marking?

Fiber lasers as optimal laser source for metals

Fiber lasers are ideally suited for metal marking by means of tarnishing, perfect for metal engraving and high-contrast plastics marking without the need for any pre- or post-treatment. The result of the marking is uniform and precise down to the last detail. The durability of the marking also guarantees counterfeit protection.

CO2 laser for metal marking with a marking agent

Without a marking agent, a CO2 laser source is not the ideal laser source for marking metals. A reaction can only be achieved with very high laser power - with the consequence that the material may be deformed and details of the engraving lost. With organic materials, however, a CO2 laser enables efficient, automated marking, from single items to large batches.

Methods of laser marking on metal

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