Laser Engraver

  • Use a Trotec laser engraver to engrave and cut materials such as wood, acrylic, metal, stone, glass, leather, paper, textiles and plastics.
  • Find the right laser engraving machine whether it’s for promotional products, automotive, mechanical engineering, education or personalization.

What are the advantages of a laser engraving machine?

A laser engraver offers many advantages over other engraving methods, including high precision, versatility and speed.

Finest details thanks to high precision

A laser beam enables you to engrave detailed patterns and ultra-fine lines. With the Speedy laser engraver you get excellent results, even with fonts as small as 2pt.

No consumables are required, no tool wear

Laser engraving is contactless and eliminates tool wear. There are no additional costs for consumables, like chemical inks or cutters. This ensures sustainable production. Increase your profit with "green" engraving technology.

Increase the sales price up to tenfold

Profitability and high quality: Laser engraving produces a permanent and abrasion-resistant engraving that is palpable to the touch. This high-quality personalization allows for increasing the sales price of your finished product by a factor of 5 to 10.

Countless application options

Flexible and intuitive: Discover countless application options. From glass to wood to metal, you can process anything with a laser machine. Engrave any complex workpiece. Along with our intuitive Ruby® laser software, the laser machine guarantees a smooth workflow.

Trotec laser engraving machines at a glance.

Speedy series
Speedy series
Q series
Q series

Speedy series - the fastest laser engravers on the market. Suitable for the most complex engraving and cutting applications.

The high-performance laser engravers of the Speedy series are impressive for the superb quality produced at the highest cutting and engraving speeds. Available as CO2 or combination fiber and CO2 laser machines. This allows for numerous materials such as acrylic, wood, leather, paper, plastic, stone, textiles and glass to be engraved, and metals can also be marked. Combined with the laser software Ruby®, we guarantee an optimal workflow. It will enable you to move quickly from a creative idea to a finished product.

Technical data

Working area (W x D) up to 1016 x 610 mm
Max. workpiece height 283 mm
Laser type CO2, flexx or fiber laser
Laser power 20 - 120 watts

Speedy series

What can I do with a laser engraver?

Find the right laser engraving machine for every purpose. Need more information before buying a laser machine? Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about laser engraving.

Personalization and customization
Personalization and customization
Personalization and customization - Anchor
Promotional products
Promotional products
Promotional products - Anchor
Production and manufacturing
Production and manufacturing
Production and manufacturing - Anchor
Prototyping, schools, universities
Prototyping, schools, universities
Prototyping, schools, universities - Anchor

Create unique products by personalizing and customizing

Laser engraving is as easy as printing. Effortlessly create acrylic or precious metal jewelry, leather handbags and belts, unique wedding invitations or decorations. Customize cell phone cases, trophies or awards with the text, logo or image you want. The rotary engraving attachment can be used to engrave gift items such as drinking glasses and thermos bottles.
Laser processing increases the value of the initial product many times over. The investment pays for itself in just a few years.

Laser engravers for personalization

Laser engravers for designing promotional products – economical and innovative

Due to constantly changing customer demands, enormous flexibility is required, especially in the promotional product industry. The CO2 laser machines of the Speedy series offer unlimited possibilities. Add individual designs to wooden boards, fleece blankets or slate slabs. With the rotary engraving attachment you can engrave cylindrical or round objects like thermos mugs, cups, vases and glass bottles 360° in various sizes and diameters. Or you can use the fiber lasers of the Speedmarker series to engrave company logos on promotional items like pens, key chains and various other promotional gifts. Orders for single items, small series and large series can all easily be implemented.

Laser engraver for promotional products

Laser marking of dynamic data

Fast and precise capability for permanent marking in industrial production and manufacturing

With the laser engraving machines of the Speedy series you can engrave data plates made of plastic. The marking lasers of the SpeedMarker series are suitable for deep engravings on tools and other metal parts. The product information is abrasion-resistant and therefore applied permanently In addition, very small fonts and codes can be used for marking, which is not always possible with other marking techniques.

Laser machines in manufacturing

Laser machines for permanent and cost-effective sign engraving

Produce all kinds of signs with our Speedy series, including interior and exterior signage, information signs, and nameplates. The signs can include intricate designs and range from individual items to small batches. Due to non-contact processing, reworking is not required. The result is fast and cost-effective engraving and clean, sustainable production without any swarfs. You can find the optimal laser material for your indoor and outdoor signage in our online shop. The materials are perfectly matched with the machine.

Laser engraver for sign engraving

Modern laser technology in education and for prototyping

Laser engraving is a future-oriented, innovative technology used for prototyping in educational institutions such as schools or universities, and in FabLabs. Especially in the fields of architectural model making, fashion, art and product design. The benefits and reasons for using them in these fields are primarily ease of use, versatility, precision, speed and sustainability.

By using laser engraving machines, students learn about digital fabrication – from the original idea to the digital design and digital manufacturing process. Offer your students the opportunity to safely implement their innovative ideas by using laser engravers.

Laser in education

Are you about to start a business?

In this exclusive eBook, we give you guidance on how to get started with the laser, how to earn money with a laser system, and how to choose the right laser for your business.

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What materials can I engrave with a laser machine?

Depending on the laser source, materials can be engraved, cut or marked. Trotec offers CO2 and fiber lasers and the combination of both in the Speedy flexx machines for countless applications.


      Engrave Cut Mark
    Acrylic -
    Glas - -
    Plastic sheets -
    Leather -
    Metal* - - -
    Paper -
    Plastics -
    Stone - -
    Textiles -
    Wood -

    *Cutting metal films up to 0.5 mm thickness possible. Individual tests recommended.


      Engrave Cut Mark
    Acrylic - -
    Glass - - -
    Plastic sheets - -
    Leather - - -
    Metal* -
    Paper - - -
    Plastics -
    Stone - - -
    Textiles - - -
    Wood - - -

    *Cutting metal films up to 0.5 mm thickness possible. Individual tests recommended.


      Engrave Cut Mark
    Glass - -
    Plastic sheets
    Leather -
    Metal* -
    Paper -
    Stone - -
    Textiles -
    Wood -

    *Cutting metal films up to 0.5 mm thickness possible. Individual tests recommended.

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    Laser software Ruby®: Go quickly from idea to finished product.

    Our laser software Ruby® combines graphics editing and laser control. You’re guided step by step through the workflow. Create or modify simple designs directly in Ruby®. Material effects such as deep engraving, relief engraving, stamp engraving and dark engraving can be easily selected from the integrated materials database. The laborious parameter search is eliminated. In addition, you can work in a team of users with different roles and authorizations. You already use a laser machine? Download Ruby® and discover the intuitive user interface.

    Laser Software Ruby®

    Accessories and service offers for your laser engraver


    Laser materials

    As a manufacturer of laser machines as well as engraving materials, we are able to optimally match machine and material.

    Shop materials


    Atmos laser exhaust systems

    Dust and gases are reliably removed during the laser process. This ensures the best possible engraving and cutting results. Additionally, an optimal exhaust system extends the life of your laser system.

    Atmos exhaust systems


    TroCare: Customized service packages

    With the TroCare package you get annual maintenance for maximum productivity, as well as expert support from experienced service technicians, and discounted Academy training, spare parts & repairs.



    Suitable processing table depending on application

    The multi-functional table concept allows you to select the appropriate table for an application and easily switch it as needed. This will ensure the highest processing quality and productivity.

    Multi-functional table concept

    What you should know about laser engraving.

    Would you like to learn more about laser engravers before making an investment? Find out everything you need to know about laser engraving in this guide.

    Advantages of laser engraving compared to mechanical engraving and digital printing.

    Laser engraving, mechanical engraving and digital printing are different methods of labeling or marking materials such as metal, plastic, wood and glass. Laser engraving uses a laser beam to vaporize the material, thereby creating a permanent marking. Mechanical engraving uses a tool to cut or score the material to create the engraving. Digital printing involves printing a digital image directly onto the material. Choosing the right technology depends on the specific requirements and the desired results.

    The right laser source for your needs.

    Laser engravers differ when it comes to the laser sources. The types of lasers have specific properties that are suitable for processing different materials. CO2 laser machines are particularly suitable for processing wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastics, films, leather and stone. Fiber lasers are ideally suited for processing metals, especially stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.

    Required work area and workpiece height.

    The maximum workpiece height is often decisive. Our Speedy series offers a max. workpiece height of 283mm. The 45mm R series. The required work area refers to the maximal area of the material you want to engrave. If you want to engrave larger materials, you will need a laser engraver with a larger engraving area.

    Higher laser power for better engraving results

    The quality of the engraving depends on the power and precision of the laser engraver. If you need very detailed designs, you should choose higher-powered machine.

    Reliable technical service

    Maximum reliability and availability (e.g. 24/7 spare parts delivery) should always be part of your purchase decision. Trotec offers professional contact persons in more than 90 countries.

    Wondering which laser system is right for you?

    This exclusive eBook provides answers to all the questions that come up before buying a laser machine. They will serve as a basis for deciding which laser is right for you.

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    How can your company benefit from the laser engraver?

    Thanks to process-optimized workflows, a wide range of materials can be engraved in high quality without the need for any time-consuming template-making or onerous pre- or post-processing. This enables you to work more efficiently, increase productivity and at the same time reduce costs and improve your brand image.

    Calculate prices and increase profits

    Laser engraving means that you can increase the price of personalized products many times over compared to the original item. End consumers are generally willing to pay more for products with a personal touch. In most cases, it’s possible to charge 5 to 10 times more than you would for a standard product. Both single items and larger orders can be economically processed with a laser machine. For larger quantities, it is helpful to work with templates so that you can engrave several parts in one operation, thus saving time.

    High power facilitates enormous flexibility

    The recommended laser power depends on the individual application. If the laser is to be used primarily for engraving, you will achieve excellent results with laser powers between 30 and 120 watts. For laser cutting and high speed applications, we recommend using laser power of more than 80 watts. The maximum laser power affects both the quality of your products and the working time. For example, if you engrave anodized aluminum at 80 watts compared to 30 watts it’s more than twice as fast at 80 watts.

    While you can regulate the laser power via the software, the maximum power output depends on the hardware. Therefore, the following applies: A high-powered laser machine offers more flexibility since you can use it to process many different materials.

    Material Recommended laser power (watts)
      Engrave Engrave and cut
    MDF (6 mm) 40 60
    Plastic sheets (1,6 mm) 40 40
    Papeer 30 40
    Acrylic (3mm) 30 60
    Stamps (2,3mm) 40 30
    Anodized aluminum 40 -
    laser cutting laptop bag

    Laser projects that inspire

    We offer templates including step-by-step instructions and ready-to-use graphic files for download, which you can immediately implement with your laser engraving machine.

    Explore all laser projects

    How much does a laser engraving machine cost?

    Our laser engravers are configured according to our customers' requirements. The price will vary depending on laser power, speed, size of the work surface, and optional extras such as additional lenses, camera systems and exhaust systems. Machines start from $9,900. Lease price from $900 per month for 36 months.

    Price of a laser machine

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