SpeedMarker 1350 Machines

Laser Marking Large & Heavy Objects

The SpeedMarker 1350 laser machine is primarily used for laser marking large and heavy workpieces. It is available in three different versions, all designed to help in different ways... There's the 'basic' version, which is essentially just a very large laser marking station, but it can also be configured with a protruding, pull-out shuttle table or a double shuttle door. 

These configurations allow heavy, bulky components to be positioned with cranes, forklifts or other tools and prepared for laser marking processes. Realistically, it's just as easy to mark your large components as it is to mark your normal workpieces. The maximum workpiece height, depending on your chosen lens, can be up to 764mm (F-160: 687mm/F-254: 537mm).

1. SpeedMarker 1350 Basic Version:

Extra large laser workstation, with a working area of up to 1,000 x 500mm.

2. Pull-Out Table:

A large pull-out table acts as the Y axis here. It's mobile across the entire width of the workstation, making it a very flexibly solution. Working area: 1,000 x 375mm

3. Pull-Out Double Shuttle Table

Two shuttle tables here, each spanning over half the working area. They can either be controlled alternatingly (for semi-automated marking processes) or moved simultaneously (large component marking). Working area: Two lots of 500 x 375mm

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Industrial marking of individual components as well as large batches.

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