Meet the product launch team and get the deepest insights

We managed to get a couple of minutes with the product launch team.
Alexander Jauker, Head of Strategic Marketing; Alexander Schikowski, Product Owner of Ruby and Bianca Matthäi, Product Marketing Manager.

Alexander, when was the idea of Ruby born?

And when did you finally start working on Ruby?

Ok, thank you. And now to the other Alex. You are the product owner of Trotec Ruby. I've been wondering why the product is called Ruby?

Ok, I see. It is the perfect fit. How do you make sure you hit the customer's pain?

Great! Sounds very professional. Now to you, Bianca. Tell us more about the circumstances of launching a software product in 2020.

Cool, it seems there really are lots of new things going on at Trotec. Thank you!

Alexander Jauker
Head of Strategic Marketing at Trotec,
working for Trotec since 2008
Alexander Schikowski
Product Owner of Ruby,
working for Trotec since 2015
Bianca Matthäi
Product Marketing Manager,
working for Trotec since 2018
Proud member of troGROUP Logo