Launching Now! - Ruby® 2.5

Since the first presentation of Ruby® 2 years ago, the laser software has been constantly developed. The release 2.5 brings more novelties and improvements. Let’s have a closer look!

Enhanced use of Rotary Attachment.

Placing multiple graphics on different positions around one job saves time.
Exact positioning of multiple designs on a round object of designs for better results.

Vision Print&Cut improvements.

Now, poorly recognizable registration marks can simply be skipped with a mouse click. Only minimum number of register marks must be detected, so the accuracy of the cut is not affected. This saves time and reduces material loss.

Recent and favorite material.

Using your favorite materials has now become much faster. On the prepare screen you will find the 3 most recently used and the three favorites first in the list. Followed by the material database. In addition, power and speed settings are displayed directly with the material. This saves time for searching the right material and reduces the risk of using the wrong material for the job.

Nesting of individual or grouped vectors (Beta).

Save time and material by using the first Beta version of nesting Ruby®.
Automatically arrange individual or grouped vectors, such as cutting lines of letters or graphics.

Font Size.

Change font size for multiple texts in only one step. Multiple texts can be assigned with the same font size regardless of the fonts used.

Profiles (Beta).

Assign profiles with desired material and layout properties to automatically push files via your Ruby UI into your lasers queue. Save time by skipping design and prepare steps and send files directly to production with predefined settings. This further shortens the workflow enormously for recurring jobs and is another step towards automation in and with Ruby.

Import fonts directly to Run on Ruby® machines (Beta).

Font import allows to install your fonts to the Run on Ruby Speedy. Simply add the font in this menu by drag&drop.
Customers can now import their fonts on their own to enable full text editing.

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