Wolf and Moon transforms business with Trotec laser.

About Wolf and Moon

London based jewellery business Wolf and Moon was founded by designer Hannah Davis in 2011. Specialising in laser cut and handcrafted pieces made from varied materials to striking effect, the small team creates unique designs on themes such as nature and architecture.

Coping with production demand

With materials such as plywood, acrylic, wood veneer and mother of pearl being crafted into products, Wolf and Moon has developed an effective production line to ensure that each item is produced to a high standard. The process begins with the cutting of materials, followed by product creation and finally quality control. During the first stage of the process, a laser cutter is used to cut a majority of materials.

The first laser cutter owned by Wolf and Moon was used for cutting the materials, however it had limitations which slowed down production. The speed and efficiency of the laser cutter were the main sources of frustration for the team. Often the laser was unable to properly cut through the acrylic, which led to wasted material and increased production times. To ensure that the materials could be cut properly by the laser, the team would often have to cut smaller pieces of material, which further increased production time as they were unable to fully utilise the working area of the laser.

However, to a lesser degree, the working area also proved to be an issue. At 600 x 300mm, most of the materials fitted comfortably within the area, however some of the acrylics came as larger sheets and had to be manually cut down before processing. To find a more effective solution for their production requirements, Zara Shaw and the team began to look into alternative laser suppliers.

Upon discovering Trotec, Wolf and Moon contacted the Trotec team to see if they could find a suitable solution. Unable to make it to the Trotec showroom for a demonstration, Trotec's area manager produced samples for Wolf and Moon using a Speedy laser machine. Not only impressed with the finished quality of the samples, the Wolf and Moon team also discovered the processing time was significantly faster than the existing laser.

After comparing the Speedy 100 and 300 models, Hannah, Zara and the team decided that the larger working area of the Speedy 300 and increased processing speed were the perfect solution for the company. The Speedy 300 laser engraving machine was installed in January 2019.

The Speedy laser has greatly improved our workflow since its installation. We can process more materials in a faster time which helps us get products to market quicker than previously possible. We know that we can depend on Trotec for quality support and I cannot fault our experience.

Zara Shaw
Laser Technician, Wolf and Moon

Improved production process

Since installation, the Speedy laser engraving machine has transformed the business. The cutting speed has drastically improved workflow, with the Speedy laser processing materials almost twice as fast and more efficiently than the previous laser, giving the team confidence that they will be able to deliver large orders to clients in short turn around times.  

Production has been further simplified thanks to the bigger working area. At 726 x 432mm, the team are now able to process A2 sized card to create earring cards for wholesale orders, whereas their previous laser limited them to A3 size. This allows Wolf and Moon to complete more orders in the allotted production time. The bed size also allows the team to cut materials to size when required, negating the need for manual processing.

Trotec's support has received strong praise from the Wolf and Moon team. Alongside the pre-sale service, post-sale experience has continued to excel. Whenever an engineer has been required to visit, all issues have been quickly resolved with a professional service. The email support from Trotec has also proven invaluable to the team, as they know they can rely on a quick response with minimal downtime. Wolf and Moon are confident that Trotec is the right supplier to lead them to continued business success.

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