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Laser marking of compression fittings
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Established in 1929, Waverley Brownall is a leading manufacturer and global distributor of stainless steel and exotic material compression fittings and valves alongside bespoke instrumentation products.

Since its inception, Waverley Brownall has established a philosophy of providing excellent quality products and customer service. Based in Southend, Essex, the company has customers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and South Africa.

Laser engraving stainless steel components

Marking components for the most demanding applications.

As a part manufacturer, Waverley Brownall produce a range of different markings on their products, including marking logos, part numbers and other marks for traceability.

For many years, Waverley Brownall used a dot marking machine which though adequate for marking, required a lot of maintenance and was a time consuming process, as each part required a different set up process.

Richard Sheridan, commercial director, was keen to find a more efficient method for metal marking. He began to investigate alternative technologies that might fit the bill.

waverley brownall component manufacturer

Laser marking: Creating durable and lasting marks.

Richard and the team contacted Trotec Laser to explore the possibilities of laser marking machines. Trotec's area manager gave Richard an overview of the different machines suitable for marking the components, with Richard and the team deciding that a Speedy 300 fiber was the ideal machine for Waverley Brownall.

The Speedy 300 is a flatbed laser machine with a working area of 726 x 432mm available with a CO2, fiber or dual laser source. The fiber laser source is capable of directly marking the various metals used in Waverley Brownall's components without any additional consumables.

Since installation, Waverley Brownall has seen an improvement in processing times because Trotec's JobControl software uses a single setup even for processing multiple components, and the working area of the Speedy laser allows for greater quantities of components to be processed simultaneously.

Alongside the processing benefits of their laser, Richard and the team have also cited the visual appearance of the Speedy being an improvement over their previous tools, and cite the laser as a better fit for their business.

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