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Vinehall Displays are a family run specialist conference, exhibition and event production company keeping a close eye on new technologies and design trends, to be able to give the best service possible to its clients.


Producing products and stands for conferences, exhibitions, events and prints, alongside offering gifts.


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Quality service with 30 years of experience.

Specialist conference, exhibition and event production company Vinehall Displays have been supplying quality products to customers since their foundation in 1988. The family run business is committed to providing clients with the best service possible, with flexibility key to ensuring that client requirements are fulfilled regardless of project size. This includes the creation of custom and bespoke products. Among their notable clients, Vinehall has worked with Coca Cola on a range of different projects.

During the recent pandemic, the team have diversified their production to include a variety of different laser cut gifts and accessories, including laptop stands and various small gifts which are sold through their online store. This diversification was possible thanks to the purchase of a Trotec laser in 2019. The influx of laser related project work meant that within six months the laser had paid for itself, with the team continuing to maximise productivity with the machine throughout 2020.

The Trotec laser is an excellent fit for our business. The laser has paid for itself within 6 months of ownership and has allowed us to diversify our business in challenging times. We don't take shortcuts. We pay for high quality technology so that we can pass high quality products onto our customers. 

Gerry McElhinney
Director, Vinehall Displays

Tightening quality control.

Vinehall uses a wide range of printing equipment in the production of their exhibition works, including a large format printing machine alongside a CNC engraver.

With an increase in demand for laser cutting, Gerry McElhinney and the team began to outsource their laser cutting requirements to a local business. In the initial instance this proved to be a satisfactory solution for Vinehall, however Gerry began to notice quality issues. The service provider utilised a homemade laser cutter which would often mean a large section of the work outsourced was sub-standard quality. It was following the outsourcing of a project for a major client that Gerry made the decision to bring laser cutting in-house to give the team tighter quality control.

With no prior laser cutting experience, Gerry undertook extensive research to see what the best solution for his business would be. He found many laser cutters, however Trotec laser attracted his attention due to the close proximity of the Vinehall workshop and Trotec's Dublin showroom.

Keen to see what Trotec lasers were capable of, Gerry booked a demonstration at the Dublin showroom where he met with Trotec's area manager. The demonstration left a positive impression on Gerry, not only because of the machine's durability, but the range of applications that were possible. Two in particular caught Gerry's attention, the intricate paper cutting and the engraved stone, neither of which he thought would be possible using a laser. The possibilities offered by the machine played a significant part in Gerry's decision to purchase a Speedy 400 laser engraving machine, which was installed in January 2019.

Our consumables area manager is excellent. She provides us with an outstanding service and the quality of the materials is excellent.

Gerry McElhinney
Director, Vinehall Displays

A new string to the bow.

The decision to invest in a laser cutter and bring the technology in-house has proved to be invaluable for Vinehall Displays. Not only has the introduction of the laser cutter allowed a tighter quality control for the team, ensuring that each product meets the required specifications, it has also allowed the team to diversify their product range. During the 2020 pandemic, Vinehall began creating a range of engraved gifts including a popular range of cork coasters, along with other products such as engraved drinking bottles which are sold through their online store.

Since installation the Speedy 400 laser engraving machine has continued to impress Gerry and the team. The varied range of applications that the team have been able to create include a crest created by relief engraving solid oak, alongside creating living hinges in wood. The diverse possibilities have not only impressed the team but also their clients, who receive a sample box of different laser cut items during visits.

The reliability of the laser cutter has also impressed Gerry and the team. Prior to the pandemic, laser use was intermittent and project dependant. However, since Vinehall started to create engravable gifts, the laser has been used seven days a week. The accuracy of the technology means that fine details can be easily created and the quality is guaranteed with every job. As with all of their technology, Vinehall’s laser is located in a temperature-controlled room and is easy to clean, allowing the team to easily reduce the risk of machine breakdown.

Reflecting on the purchase of the laser cutter, Gerry feels fully satisfied that he has not only purchased a product, but a complete support network. Trotec's local support has proven highly beneficial for Gerry and the team. Gerry says the Trotec area manager gave an excellent demonstration and regularly visits the team at their premises to offer help and support where needed. The training that was provided during the machine install was so detailed that the staff are now able to train each other on the machine, allowing new laser users to hit the ground running on projects. Gerry has also received similar support from his Trotec consumables manager, who is always friendly and ensures a quick delivery of products after quoting, something which Vinehall themselves are proud to offer. Gerry feels that this service is reflected in the cost of a Trotec laser. While many cheaper alternatives are available, they often lack a support network beyond the purchase and the quality of the machine is often inadequate. Gerry reflected "We don't take shortcuts. We pay for high quality technology so that we can pass high quality products on to our customers". Looking to the future, Gerry envisions upgrading his current Speedy 400 to the new Speedy 400 flexx model which was launched in 2019. The addition of the second laser source, a fiber laser, would further allow Vinehall to expand their product range, and Gerry also sees scope for adding the JobControl Vision camera system to the machine, so that they can combine print and laser cut products.

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